August 13, 2012

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Carl on September 24, 2014 12:57 PM
I know; I know.  Everyone reading the Blog has been thinking, I sure miss Carl's poems.  So this one's for y'all

No doubt a nip is in the air
As we approach this autumn.
I've found my woolen underwear.
I sure am glad I bought 'em.


geno on January 14, 2016 11:02 AM
Carl, Margurite Miller died, she always liked you. she was 93, I always liked her.
Carl on January 14, 2016 11:37 AM
Thanks Geno for the info re Margurite Miller.  Age 93 huh?  Bless her heart.  R.I.P.
  When I first entered her class I was scared to death of her, having heard of her reputation from schoolmates, but I quickly learned that she was just a no-nonsense, hard-working, dedicated and talented teacher.  I was blessed to be her student.
Becky Novarro on January 14, 2016 3:45 PM
Margarite Miller told me she grew up near Mother.  Just learning to spell she wrote that Frances Thomason was a jackass.  She said she was spanked for that one.  She was so witty and full of life.
Cookie on January 14, 2016 7:47 PM
Now wait just a minute........
How come the Queen can use dirty words and I can't???????

Ched on January 14, 2016 8:19 PM
I was rootin' hard  for Clemson ( My Conference).  They won several phases of  the  game and only lost on giving up big  special teams play by AL.  The intrception  didnt help also.
 WEe MUST get the Liberals out  and  restore  this country to its historic values...  the ones  we  grew up in !!!
Carl on January 15, 2016 12:31 PM
Chedster, are you saying that we need to Make America Great Again?
Fredrick Lucas on January 15, 2016 7:59 PM
Last week, I spoke with Casie Justice, Director of the Concord Foundation. She explained that the State of West Virginia provides 24% of the total university budget. This year, the state cut funding to Concord by $400,000. 
What did Concord, West Liberty and other state universities do? Concord closed the swimming pool. That means that community children can no longer take swimming lessons. The faculty staff and students can no longer swim. The school has deferred building maintenance and if I understand closed the cafeteria. The snack ber remains open. As a care package, I donated $250 to help. West Liberty cut out academic programs and deferred building maintenance. Those of us who live out of state might consider a donation Fred
Mike Murphy on January 15, 2016 8:26 PM
 Fred- The cuts are adore the result of BHOs and Sierras war on coal! Your donations are too little too late!!
geno on January 16, 2016 1:57 PM
Carl, I'll share a story with you about Margurite,(maggie) do you remember when you were limping badly, your foot or leg, I can't remember which, anyway Maggie was giggling, and shaking her head ,of course Mr. nosey inquired why and she smiled at me and said, He's not faking I hid  and watched him walk all the way down the hall, limping all the way, then giggled. She was a good ol' gal and full of life, I always thought she felt proud that she stayed out of sight to spy on you, and was glad you were not faking.
Carl on January 16, 2016 3:22 PM
Geno, thanks for sharing.  You describe a side of Margurite that I never saw, nor imagined existed.  That must have been the year that I sprained an ankle really badly and ended up in a heavy cast for a couple of weeks.  I guess I at least scored a point for honesty.  [I could barely walk, but got over it.]

Becky Novarro on January 17, 2016 3:03 PM
Well Ms. Cookie, I am allowed to cuss because Margarite Miller had the nerve to call my Mother a bad name.  Also, I married a Yankee.
In addition, it's just me!
Cookie on January 17, 2016 6:50 PM
Dear Queenie
Cuss words are simply "sentence enhancers."  Periodically I'm driven to enhancing my sentences particularly when I read this blog.
Cold and snow coming this way.  Watch out for the rain and wind your way.
Fredrick Lucas on January 18, 2016 10:59 AM
Budget cuts at Concord have taken place in the past. In 2003, Concord had a cut of $300,000. All programs and classes with fewer than 8 students had to be cut.

Regarding coal, there is an awareness world wide that continued burning of fossil fuels can result in extreme weather patterns which could result in flooding of communities  that border the oceans. In China people must wear masks given the problems of pollution. Arctic ice has melted putting stress on polar bears.

Many power plants now use gas. Solar panels, wind turbines, nuclear energy are other alternatives. When I visited France, I found that much of their energy was based on nuclear energy.

Soon we will pass from the scene. Our children grandchildren and  relatives I hope   will have better environmental conditions
Cookie on January 18, 2016 12:22 PM
Misguided progressive goverment policies = decreased revenues = decreased college funding--Economics 101

Vote for Hilliary and Bernie and turn the campus beautiful into a cow pasture. 
Fredrick Lucas on January 18, 2016 9:40 PM
Cookie, the US Information Center stated that in 2014 coal fired plants accounted to 39% onf electricity on the grid. Gas accounted for 27%. Nuclear accounted for 19% and hydroelectric accounted for 6%. Wind energy accounted for 4% and solar accounted for .4 percent. Gas accounts for far less pollution than coal.

The nations of the world agree that our carbon footprint must be reduced. Fred
Cookie on January 18, 2016 10:52 PM
Does China know about this?
Ched on January 19, 2016 2:54 PM
"carbon footprint" is a rather unscientific term. Carbon Dioxide is essential for plant life.  Methane is a much mor  significant green hous  gas.
It is always a good idea  to be environmentally prudent but  the whole  "global warming talk is  still just  a  theory about  which many disagree. Ther is a  reduction in artic ice but  a huge increase in antartic ice. Go figure !!

Carl on January 19, 2016 10:12 AM
My morning paper reports a fatal stabbing in Mississippi by a man wielding a replica Civil War sword.  It doesn't say if proposals are expected to limit the sale or increase background checks for swords.  Living, as I do, in a hotbed of Civil War history, interest and enthusiasm, I'm a bit anxious about public safety.  [At least with swords we won't have the concealed carry concern.]  And I'm bolstered by the adage, "never take a knife to a gun fight."  There being plenty of pistol packers in these parts, I may have to rely on the kindness of strangers.  Any way,  I'll try to keep you apprised of future developments.            MAGFAY
Fredrick Lucas on January 19, 2016 10:26 AM
I spoke with Mrs. Justice, Director of the Office of Advancement at Concord. She explained that these are challenging times for all state colleges and universities. The institutions are cooperating and are remaining viable. The college on the campus beautiful plans to continue to educate students. 

They can always use any donations. Fred
Carl on January 19, 2016 11:05 AM
J. Fred, you set a fine example for college loyalty and support.
geno on January 19, 2016 2:47 PM
YEAH, that coal burning is what's causing those earth quakes. Only egotistical men with small minds and big egos can even begin to think they can control the weather, and only idiots think they need to.
CHed on January 19, 2016 2:57 PM
Ditto !!!!
Carl on January 19, 2016 3:08 PM
Say, who you callin' an idiot?  Uh, wait!  Don't answer that.
Cookie on January 19, 2016 7:22 PM
Now wait just a minute Geno.....................You are telling me that only men with small minds think they can control the weather.  Does that mean that in 2008 when they told us a vote for hope and change would "stop the rise of the oceans?"  'Member' that?????
geno on January 20, 2016 12:38 PM
Yes I remember, I also remember the Alamo,, I do not remember the reporter who investigated the goverments temperature readings and reported the falsification of the temperature readings, does anyone out there remember his name and what happened to him, I think he was  employed by the Washington Post, not sure. I do know he has not been heard from since, only people who tell lies are afraid of debate. I will tell you this and I don't lie, only God almighty can control the weather, and also He Himself designed this world to outlast man's footprint upon it. Man will never destroy this planet, they do not have the power to do so. Man cannot create or destroy, they can change things, but only temporal things.
Mike Murphy on January 20, 2016 2:59 PM
Computer is working again - Hate the little iphone keyboard, like a cub bear with boxing gloves!

Wal Mart Closing in Mcdowell co - is also a casualty of the war on coal. All of the high minded libs like Fred should send donations to the Fish and Loaves food pantry in Kimball. Hope the Climate change folks are aware of the misery they are causing in the name of PC change. The climate is changing, always has and will continue, but to ruin an econonmy on the word of Al Gore is Ludicrice! No wounder everyone is mad at politicians and do gooders who do not have a grip on reality!

Geno - keep fighting the good fight.
Tracy - How is family?
Pete - Knees OK
Carl - In need of a poem!
Liar Liar Pants suit on fire!

Keep the faith
Fredrick Lucas on January 20, 2016 6:39 PM
Don't forget the world clomate summit in Paris Mike. Do you want me to pull up testimony of distinguished climate scientists?ARE YOU CONCERNED THAT EMPEROR PENGUINS AND POLAR BEARS  ARE UNDER STRESS BECAUSE THEY ARE LOSING THEIR FOOD SOURCE? fRED
Thomas Dillon on January 21, 2016 8:26 AM
Anyone of you getting or in line for some snow or ice? Be careful out there. Just rain and a little cooler weather here for a few days.
Carl on January 21, 2016 9:10 AM
TD, it's dazzlingly beautiful in F'burg, VA this a.m.: bright sun on a dusting of snow framed by blue skies -- an invigorating 23 degrees.  Tomorrow nite prediction of 8-12" of snow with 20 mph winds gusting to 30 mph, followed by perhaps 12" more.  Looks like there won't be school on Sat.  That has always pleased me.  [Actually, when Jim George, Jeff Shumaker, Mike Herring, Stan Hill, Sonny Goodwin & I began at Bluefield College in 1960, we did have Sat. classes -- the 2nd worst year of my "several" in college(s), made endurable by the fine company just listed.

Carl on January 21, 2016 11:21 AM

Now Murph, you surely know that you should be careful what you wish for.  The following is for everyone, but especially for YOU.

Murf, I’d love to respond with a rhyme

That would render you simply sublime,
But my poetic skill,
Both the bogus and real,
Seems to fail me, alas, at this time.

My near lifelong, heart-felt optimism,
Has reversed to a cold cynicism.
Here in 2016
The political scene
Has distorted my clear, sunny vision.

One would think, in this world full of riches,
One could navigate life with few glitches,
But my mind dwells on gloom
And I’m left to presume
That perhaps I’m too big for my britches.
[Say it ain’t so, Joe!]

While confused, tired and mad as a hatter,
I reminded myself that the matter
Can’t be unduly tough
If I reason enough:
Find Ms. Truth and throw pure logic at ‘er.

And you know, it worked, for heaven’s sake,
Just when nothing could snap me awake,
Truth revealed: I just heeded
This wisdom repeated:
"At this point, what difference does it make?"

Mike Murphy on January 21, 2016 12:00 PM
Carl- The difference is having a true friend like Thou! With such great talent!

Fred - It does bother me that families in Mcdowell co are going hungry due to your and BHOs war on coal! The last article I read about Polar Bears indicated that there were more of them now than before Gores misleading movie. frankly I could care less about penguins and polar bears compared to people. Next Libs will be for animal rights over humans? Perhaps Tom and Raymond can soothe your worried mind over the stressed animals, also I hear that the Crocidles are crying!

It is cold and snowing in downtown Kenna with a bad storm predicted for Friday.

Keep the faith
Ched on January 21, 2016 1:58 PM
WV and  Wyoming are being "hard hit" by this war on coal stuff.
 The "man caused"  climate  change stuff is  completely  theory since  the earth's  climate does  change and has  for millions of  years.  I agree that  we  should all be good  stewards of  the environment but  do so with common and economic  sense.
 Again  Antartic ice is INCREASING !!!

Tracy French on January 21, 2016 2:11 PM
While preparing my sermon for a funeral tomorrow I ran across the name "Schoolcraft".  I remember going to Knob School with a Johnny Schoolcraft.  Does anyone know what happened to him or where he is?

Mike:  The family is doing great.  Carol is back about 90%, doing all the laundry, dishes and most of the house cleaning.  She is not back to bringing my food and drinks into the TV room yet but we're getting there.  The next time she sees our primary doctor she plans to get a referral  to Dr. Branson in Princeton and have surgery on her ankel so the heel will go to the floor.

Carl:  I enjoyed the poem and look forward to another one.

I would write one back, but the knowledge I lack!
Ched on January 21, 2016 6:20 PM
 Your lat line is  an excellent  start!!!!
Thomas Dillon on January 21, 2016 6:41 PM
‚??Tracy, I remember Schoolcraft very well. He was in a boy scout troop with us and we went on a trip to the Great Smokey National Park one summer to hike the Appalachian trial. My brother Jim, Don Brohard, and Bobby & Lawrence Snead (family owned Snead's Men's Store) were other members of the group. Some of us went another time, but Johnny only went on the first trip. I know our second trip was during the summer before our sophomore year and the first the summer after the 7th grade. I think Schoolcraft's family moved away shortly after that as I don't remember him later in jr.high.
Ched on January 22, 2016 10:35 AM
Another name I remember is  John  Wayne  Wheeler. He  was on  the basketball team at Mercer.  Does  any one  remember or know  there he moved ???
Tom Dillon on January 22, 2016 4:00 PM
Yearout, I also remember John. I think he was a fairly decent ballplayer,small in stature, but somewhat of a rebel and frequently in trouble. I remember John and another player having been caught smoking. The coach, Chick Dalton I think, had the other members of the team decide upon their punishment. One option was to kick them off the team all together. This had to be in jr.high as the other player had gone to Knob. Don't remember what the team's decision was as to suspension, laps, expulsion, etc. 
Have no idea what happened to the young man.
Did you wish for all the snow?
Mike Murphy on January 22, 2016 7:46 PM
Snowing here in beautiful downtown Kenna, 10" with more to come.

Carl & Cookie - it appears a blizzard is headed your way - stay safe! by the way did either of youse win any awards for your writting skills?

Pray for the poor coal miners to keep our lights on!

Cookie on January 22, 2016 9:59 PM
I'll have to get back to you Mike.  I'm busy cutting grass.
Carl on January 22, 2016 10:05 PM
Ditto for me Murf.  I promised to drop by and help Cookie with the lawn care.  [Two feet ain't nothin' for an old West Virginian.]
Ched on January 22, 2016 11:46 PM
We have  about 6"-7" on the  ground in Nashville. The most sice 2003 Im told. Howeve, nothing like  the  fols in the NE are getting !!! 
  Stay warm and  safe  all!!!
Cookie on January 23, 2016 9:34 AM
NEWS FLASH NEWS MEDIA.....We've been having snow storms for a long time.  This is not our first rodeo.  
Honestly.  This is the weather when my mother would pack daddy's "dinner bucket" and put a change of clothes in an old navy duffle bag.  He would put on his warmest and pick up his "climbers" and head off in the orange AEP truck to keep the lights on.  All in a day's work.  And, if Frank Price showed up in the big yellow school bus you went to school.
Nuf Said!
P.S.  On the other hand, my back deck is 2 1/2 feet off the ground and someone has stolen it.  

Becky Novarro on January 23, 2016 2:16 PM
Last night the weatherman said there were snow flurries in the panhandle of Florida.  Any comment snowbirds?
Cookie on January 23, 2016 5:30 PM
That must have sent the snowbirds into a tail spin.  Last winter in Key West it got down to 55 and the locals pulled out their fur coats. Hope your kids in Jersey are ok.  
Snow refuses to leave.  Its drifting so badly they have pulled the snow plows off the road temporarily.  

Tracy French on January 23, 2016 6:04 PM
Becky:  I think the weatherman got it wrong.  There is a flurry of pickup trucks loaded with snow headed for the panhandle.  I remember a few years ago there was a man who drove from Florida to Bluefield to get a thermos bottle of snow to take back and show his wife.  It was front page news for the Bluefield Daily Telegraph along with a big picture of the man and his thermos.

I had a funeral in Beckley yesterday morning and got behind a tour bus at Exit 14 and he was afraid to go over 20 mph.  I had to follow him almost all the way to the toll booth before I could get around him.  They only had 1 lane open and it was in the middle of the road.  When I came back a couple hours later both lanes were open going south but there was no traffic.
Fredrick Lucas on January 23, 2016 9:23 PM
ppy that each of you are facing the challenging weather with resolve. A number of prople have struggled. On I=75 near Berea, motorists were stranded on the highway for 19 hours. Virginia had nearly 1000 wrecks. We had a non-event.Our total was three inches. The snow was removed from city streets and highways.Fred
Fredrick Lucas on January 23, 2016 9:41 PM
The storm was quite a challenge. Cities along the ocean were flooded. People on I-75 in central Kentucky were stuck for hours, Churches opened their doors for stranded  travelers. I imagine that the snow in West Virginia,, Virginia  and states further north also were challenged. 

Here we had a non event. We received three inches of snow and our streets and highways are clear.

I noted that Indiana also had a non-event. Fred
Pete Stephenson on January 23, 2016 9:40 PM
Pete,Thomas,I remember Johnny Schoolcraft in 10th grd.He was on the track team,Don't know what he did.I also saw him sometime before Douglas spt goods closed.He was working as a salesman for them.Mike the knees are giving me hell right now.I'm scheduled for double replacement the 16th of march.As it stands for now the accumulation for the hill here in princeton is about 16 inches in my front yard.quit snowing here about 4 this afternoon.Talking about the wall mart closings,I'm pretty sure it was because of the push for the minimun wage to go up.Naturally if that happens it would cut into their profit margens considerably.Nuff said tonight.Go pats and panthers,Faith Hope,love to all.
Fredrick Lucas on January 24, 2016 7:31 AM
Pete and Mike,

None of the Walmart stores in Cincinnati closed.  The volume must be high enough to allow a store to profit. McDowell County has many indigent folks who probably don't have the purchacing power to enable Walmart to remain open.

Mike regarding assistance to those who are indigent, I donate to food banks in Hamilton County which has a population of 805,000.


Carl on January 24, 2016 10:08 AM
Pete, good luck with the knee replacement.  I've had both done, the most recent one 3 months ago.  I'm nearly 100% and enjoying freedom that I haven't known for about 5 years.  Expect the recovery to be awful and the rehab painful and frustrating, but the results wonderful and liberating -- well worth it all.  Hope all goes well.  [Looks like you won't be doing much Irish dancing this St. Patrick's Day.  But 2017, look out!]
Fredrick Lucas on January 24, 2016 1:03 PM
Pete best wishes for your knee surgery. I haven't gone that route. I walk  one mile each day. I also swim and use the eliptical machine. 

Since Carl has been there and done that, he can give you his experiences. Fred
Carl on January 24, 2016 1:05 PM
J. Fred, that info is classified.  To get it you must have 1) the proper security clearance and 2) the "knee'd" to know.
geno on January 24, 2016 2:49 PM
Pete may you be blessed with quick recovery. Ol' Geno is feeling his age today, I finally have dug out, moved 20 tons of snow with backhoe, 5 tons with shovel (theory not fact) feels like 5 tons of work , my arms, legs, and back would attest to the five ton theory. I put my shovel up with much gladness and cheeeeeer, almost too breathless to cheer. But I can walk out the back or the front without the snow being over my boots, (wear tall boots), Mike the golf course is covered with a huge thick blanket of snow and no golfers. It is pretty, but it is also troublesome now, a few years ago this was fun, I dislike this change of attitude, I am beginning to think age plays a big part in how we see things, I was remembering the joy and feeling of awe I used to get when we got a big snow, a feeling of exictment and antipication, this snowfall seemed to bring dread and weariness, oh well, I hope you all are well and warm, and full of excitement and anticipation. 
Fredrick Lucas on January 24, 2016 6:42 PM
Returning to global warming, the subject was discussed in the December January February 2016 issue of the Audubon Society Magazine. They report that the Artic ocean  is almost ice free. According to the magazine, that is putting stress on birds and other animals who find food to eat. In the Feburary -March issue of the National Wildlife Federation, there is a discussion of the plight of the polar bears. In the December issue, they discuss the plight of the Emperor Penguin. They could go extinct.

I discussed unemployed coal miners with Casie Justice JD who is Director of the Concord Foundation. She said that unemployed miners are being retrained in other occupations.

The Beckley Hearld register reported that since the Affordable Care Act became effective, hospitals have not had to accept $267,000,OOO

in free medical care. The new patients  were covered by their insurance coverage. Fred
Ched on January 24, 2016 8:45 PM
 Nothing is  free. The  affordable care  act  ( OBAMA  CARE) has rased insurance premiums  for all who have  to purchase it without  substidies  and  also increased  deductables. Older  women now have" free"  birth control ad prenatal care and we all pay for it !!!! The ACA is  a severely flawed piece of legislation and must  be repealed  and replaced  with something  which makes  common sense !!!!
 To start  with, all insurance  companies  should have  to  complete  across all states !!!
Fredrick Lucas on January 24, 2016 9:04 PM
Ched, The Beckley paper reported the money that became avaiable to WV hospitals. In the past the hospitals would have to provide free care to uninsured patients.In other words indigent patients could not pay so hospitals had to absorb the cost of care.

Look I am simply the messenger. Fred

Cookie on January 24, 2016 10:47 PM
Is that kool aid grape or cheery.
Carl on January 25, 2016 10:23 AM
WARNING: the following is heavy on good intent but light on learning & wisdom (pretty much like my other comments).

Fredo, I took only one course in economics; went in dumb, came out dumb too.  However, I recall one basic principle, and it just happens to apply to your notion of hospitals absorbing costs.  For any business to survive in the long run, revenue must exceed expense.  Absorbing cost requires using "other" revenues, reserves or credit.  Reserves and credit are finite.  Thus, they limit how much cost can be absorbed.  The "magic" for long-term "cost absorbers" is to charge more to those who can and will pay -- plus gov't subsidies and other "contributions" -- to make up the difference.  "There's no free lunch."
Mike Murphy on January 25, 2016 11:49 AM
Carl - you are spot on. 75% of the WV folks who now have insurance under the ACA are on Medicade.
Fred- you do understand that medicade is all paid by taxpayers don't you! Your quoting of articles talking about stressed out Polar Bears and Penguins to support your stance on global warming infuriates me especially when you cloak it in "I am only the Messenger". Hard working people of WV want jobs to support their families and an economy that will support their work. Retraining for non existant jobs is sad especially when folks will have to leave their homes and relocate to get a job at half the wages. You must admit that you and your liberal president and friends have ruined the economy of West Virginia and have weak answers for your actions ie stressed polar animals!! and you ask why Trump is so popular?

Cookie - I think the Cool Aid flavor is Liberice -Stupidice!

24" of snow here finally got car out with help of neighbor with 4 wheel drive tractor. Geno - I need you and your back hoe.

Have a Blessed Day
Ched on January 25, 2016 12:34 PM
Mike  you are  correct  about  the Medicaid piece>  I know  that nationally, the huge increase in the insured population is  the Medicaid part plus  another  group  who get  substidies. We taxpayers pay for  this !!!
Insurance  costs  would be greately reduced by:
1) allowing open copmpetition across  state lines
2)  Permitting the insurees  to select more basic policies which fit  thier needs. ( a 65 year old  woman does not need  birth control and prenatal care)
3)Tort  reform to reduce  the practice of  defensive medicine.
4)  Health Savings Accounts ( HSA)  for  everyone.
My wife is not Medicare  eligible  yet  and her  insurance more  than  doubled  this  year !!! thanks OBAMA !!!
Cookie on January 25, 2016 12:53 PM
Ched:  Item 2 above:  Do not assume.  One never knows.  
geno on January 25, 2016 2:42 PM
Fredo, takle a good long look at global warming, ask yourself why would the folks begin to call it climate change, think about all the scientists that came out against global warming and were hushed up and not allowed to speak, think about all the folks that began to moniter the temperatures, and began to come forth with the truth. Global warming could not hold up, the polar ice cap has increased considerably in the last 2 years, all the Russian scientists declare that we are,(the world) is in a cooling period and wuill be for the next 25 years, the media will stifle any thi ng that disagrees with the big "O", but they cannot stifle the Russians. Why not take a look at Hank Williams Jr. For his remark about O's capability he has been banned from all media, and all, I repeat all the media has banned his songs and any comments, any one with any ki nd of common sense can see how this undermines whatr the U>S> stands for. You really need to get a fresh look at something other than the suppressing news of the Liberals who have but one agenda and that is to enslave Americans, check out the new moves the "O" is coming up with for a 3rd term, and do not think it can't happen, He has his own flag, you know, and only dictators have flags.....

Carl on January 25, 2016 4:53 PM
CONFESSION: Little did I know, or could I ever have imagined, that our modest little Blog would produce the variety, fervor, humor, pathos, nostalgia, joy, sorrow, concern, support, light-heartedness, (light-headedness?), and the gamut of emotions.  Keep up the good work!
Carl on January 25, 2016 4:55 PM
Deeter pointed out that I failed to mention all the fine poetry.
Fredrick Lucas on January 25, 2016 8:20 PM
Mike, I don't pay any attention to what you say. Ched, For many years physicians and dentists came to East Tennessee to treat indigent people. More than three thousand people came for a weekend. Now they have Medicaid. In Ohio Medicaid exists. I have a friend who needed eye surgery on both eyes. The operation took place at the University of Cincinnati . They accept Medicaid and were paid by them.

There are people who through no fault of their own, cannot work . They get Medicaid or Medicare through the disability provision.  There is a man in a group home in Lawrenceburg IN. who has a learning disability and can't work. He receives disability payments each month  and Medicare. Do you want to deny him and my friend  who needed eye surgery the right to decent living arrangements?

Geno remember when lead was taken out of gasoline? Do you remember when catalytic converters were developed? Remenber when Ethenol was developed? Ethenol was developed to stop engine knocks.Catalitic  converters were developed to cut down air pollution?

That is what the world decided to do in this case. They want to cut air pollution from carbon sources. When I was a child, I visited Affinity WV which was a coal camp. Coal dust coated the fallen leaves and they were blackened. I stayed inside through much of my visit becauce I didn't want to breathe coal  dust.

Have a joyful day everyone Fred

Cookie on January 25, 2016 11:10 PM
So does that mean that 50 years and trillions of $$$$ later "The Great Society" was a bust or a fraud or both????   Besides......I had 2 lawnmowers......designed for regular gasoline......ethenol killed both of them. Choked them to death!!!!!   Took them to the dump and hired a yard man instead.  He has worked out "real nice like."  
P.S.  War on Coal killed 500 West Virginia mining jobs effective March, 2016.  Maybe they can be retrained to become "yard men."  There is a great demand now that we have ethenol.  
Ched on January 26, 2016 1:26 PM
Retraining  sounds  good but  retrained  for  what jobs?  Where are  they?
Also some good  hardworking folks do not have  the  requisit  skills/knowledge  to be retrained  thus many  will end up on the public  dole !!!
Ched on January 26, 2016 1:23 PM
Ethanol  was not introduced  to reduce  engine knock it was  designed  to reduce  gasoline  consumption and burn "cleaner".  There  are  several issues  with  Ethanol. It  absorbs moisture  which can cause  damage in some  applications. Also there is less  energy in  ethanol than gasoline which reduces MPG  for  equivalent performance. Ethanol is probably not  economically viable  without  government  substities  which I disapprove of. The  government  should not prop up ANY industry.
 As  far as disability Medicare benefits, I support  this however Medicaid like  food  stamps and  welfare payments are widely  abused. It must be more  carefully  regulated  to insure  that only those  who  really need it  are  getting benefits. Food  stamps  should be limited  to essential nutricious items. Items like Soda pop, potatoe  chips and luxury foods  should be  dissallowed. I see  this  going on all the  time  and it make me  angery.   Food  stamp purchases at "convenience  stores" are  a  waste of  taxpayer money. If  we are  to get  serious  about  the  deficit  we must  control  the free stuff !!!!!
Mike Murphy on January 26, 2016 2:03 PM
Ethenol use made food prices go up esp in the USA and is mathmatically a loser allaround except for corn farmers and democrats who want their votes.

Planned Parenthood has succeded in having a grand jury indite the group of reporters who shot the videos showing their illegal sale of fetal tissue in some cases from viable babies. I guess they used the federal money that the Libs provided through the democrat congress and BHO.

Also the filmmaker who made the famous Bengazi video was put in jail and is stll there, by the BHO and Hillary Justice department although the video had absolutly nothing to do with the Terriorism that killed  the ambasador and 3 others. What difference does it make? Liar Liar Pants Suit on fire.

We need to get rid of these idiots in government even though $17.5 trillion is not enough for poor little fred's sincabilities?? Fred do you have any compassion for the out of work Miners? Since you don't care what I say, what difference does it make?

Keep the faith
geno on January 26, 2016 2:31 PM
Not to mention, just this past summer, last summer and part of the fall mercer county deputies arrested sevweral of food stamp recipiants buying groceries with their card and selling them at reduced prices for cash for drugs, I noticed there was little mention of this by the media. there was an investigation on catalytic convertors, when they found out there were harmful fumes and gases being expelled by them, all queries were stopped. Think about it after all that was done, suddenly things got worse, not better, more pollution than ever, if you believe the reports, shows to go we better go back to gasoline, Fred start your car and stnd behind that catalytic convertor, notice the burn in your eyes and throat, more than what ever came out of reg. gasoline, it seems nomatter what the lie, folks will line up to believe it. If you are unwilling to take a look at any thing else, you are too narrow minded to learn anything, that attitude is why "global warming" can not be debated, people that is pushing it cannot stand any opposition to it.
Carl on January 26, 2016 2:32 PM
Murf, I just want you to know that I, for one, do care about what you say, but that doesn't make any difference either.   ;-)
Fredrick Lucas on January 27, 2016 8:45 AM
You guys are too much for me. Whenever I state anything, I'm wrong and so are the sources that I have cited. To my critics, where are your sources?  You offer your opinions but no solid data.  I'm disappointd.

By the way, during the recent winter storm a number of cities that border the ocean were flooded   Fred
Cookie on January 27, 2016 12:10 PM
Sources:  Sometimes its common horse sense.  
geno on January 27, 2016 1:23 PM
Fredo, the only sources you quote are is our muffled media, they cannot print anything against the democrats, if you will not let these party affilliations dems or reps and go to Christian media you can learn some truths, every scientist that has come forward with information about climate change has not only been silenced but you never hear from him again. The radio statin in Atlanta has been muffled, most folks in America are being dumbed down and do not even know it. But enough of this, you are educated enough, much more than I, you can finsd resources if you WANT to. Has everbody weathered the storm????? Thank God we did not lose power or get shut down by the snow fall, as the song goes "I've a roof up above me,I've a good place to sleep, food on my table and shoes on my feet, thank you Lord for your blessings on me."  stay warm
Carl on January 27, 2016 2:20 PM
J. Fred, keep givin' 'em "what for."  As François-Marie Arouet [aka Voltaire] is alleged to have famously proclaimed, "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

I know you as a man of principle, good will and generosity. 
[If you insist on "poking the bear," I assume that it gives you some measure of satisfaction.  So hang tough, my friend!  Perhaps someday another voice will rise on the blog to support your positions -- but that may not be the way to bet.] 
Mike Murphy on January 27, 2016 3:46 PM
Fred - Keep grabbing the Bull by the tail and looking the situation straight in the eye!

That was thartharetic said bugs bunny?

Keep the faith
Carl on January 27, 2016 4:50 PM
Now dog gone, Mike.  Here I go quoting Voltaire and you up the ante with your Trump card -- Looney Tunes.  And Bugs Bunny no less.  All this while I've taken you for more of an Elmer Fudd type: blusterbuss in hand with "breakfast hare" in mind.  Sometimes you just beat all.
Fredrick Lucas on January 27, 2016 5:53 PM
This is for Geno concerning Ethenol. In 2002, a law was passed requiring more natural products in gasoline. Ethenol which enhances octane was chosen . Corn is broken down and becomes alcohol. Since it enhances octane there is little engine knock. I own a Mazda 3 2010 and get good gas milage with no engine knock. Check the web site.A friend who is a retired chemical engineer who worked for a company developing plants that produce gasoline gave me the information about the benefits of alcohol in gasoline.

Ched regarding retraining of miners, check the West Virginia Workforce Development web site. Finally, when you talk about public assistance  reciepients who scam the system it happens. In the private sector Bernie Madoff, Enron and other companies who sold worthless housing deeds scammed the system causing pain to countless numbers.  Greed happens. Fred
geno on January 28, 2016 12:28 PM
Fredo. my grandpa and thousands like him made alcohol from corn for years, the gmen worked their tails off to stop them. I personally think corn is best for eating, used to thionk it best for drinking, the only people who think that man will wear this planet out is the people that knows nothing about God, when God made this planet he had plans to make man to live on it, they have built nothing that God did not know about, this planet will last longer than mortal man, all the yelling and denying people the pleasures of using what the earth provides will not change any thing, if you live another 20 yrs. you will look back on this as did the fore fathers who thought that sattelites would wreck the universe, remember in the fifties and early sixties, the screaming was "the ice age is coming" it didn't now it's reversed and you take a close look what "global warming" is costing the people, it's a sham and a shame, the sad part of it all is the majority of the American people are taking it in, without question or using any common sense. All that's left for you folks is go hag a tree, don't forget to bang your head on it a few times just to show you love it.
Cookie on January 28, 2016 3:47 PM
I just love the wit and wisdom of Geno.
Fredrick Lucas on January 28, 2016 5:00 PM
NBC had a program with Ann Curry that is on  You tubeIt concerns the  Arctic summer ice melting We can see the ice melting in the Arctic Circle. Many animals have disappeared. She interviewed an older gentleman who is an Inuit . A number of the Inuit who had lived in the area for thousands of years had abandoned their way of life and their villages because they could not sustain themselves with no food. The climate scientist who supports global warming suggested that floods storms, hurricanes and fires will become more violent as time passes. They interviewed the UN Secretary General  who supports lowering the carbon footprint.  Fred
Fredrick Lucas on January 29, 2016 7:15 AM
Geno did you forget that automobile pollution had to begin because smog in Los Angeles and other major cities created health problems? For many years, we had auto inspections to make certain that cars were in compliance with laws regulating air pollution. Fred
Fredrick Lucas on January 29, 2016 3:51 PM
The title of the NBC program on climate change is Climate Change just hit home with Ann Curry.   On youtube. Fred
geno on January 29, 2016 10:44 PM
AAAAAANNNNDDDD Fredo there are other scientists that disagree with those you cite. Internet, Nasa, if you only look to these you would think the whole world thinks like this, if you only look through one knothole in the fence, that's all the perspective you will ever have, The U>S> is not sinking, earth quakes have become 10 times more frequent, but not from man's footprint., the jet stream has dipped lower, I also remember when it did not dip so low, anybody can come out with any thing and someone will follow, that's why the Lord calls us sheep. All the ranting and raving will not change anything, throwing billions of dollars into the fray will only make the guys running the show rich, will not change anything, smog is bad in heavily populated areas, always has been, people will always get sick from breathing bad air, but take a realistic look, other than reducing  the population you cannot, nor can any politician change one day of clouds or one day of sunshine or even divert one waft of wind, although I might be inclined to believe there is very harmful emmissions of hot air coming out of D.C., maybe as harmful as the obnoxious gases coming from all the cows that's eating the ozone, which causes the rays of the sun to burn us up, I spent several weeks last summer, from early morning to almost dark working under an open sky, never seen anything or any one burn up, with the figures they put out, you yourself know nothing could withstand those rays for more than 5 hours, and yeeetttt people stay on the beaches sunbathing for hours, day after day after day, something has to be wrong with their figures, come to think about it I saw some women sunbathing and there wasn't any thing wrong with their figures, come to think about it maybe we are figuring about different figures to debate about. The only thing that will last is eternity, and that is in the spiritual world, been doing some study about the heathens in America, you know the Indian, very interesting about their visions of the spirit world, and the prophecies of their old men , facinating culture from heathens, I think we can learn quite a bit from them, did you know an ALL Indian tribes they have a story about a great flood passed down from their ancestry, that's  all about that, getting back to what we were talking about, I remember when I was a little boy, an acorn fell on somebody's head and everybody thought the sky was falling, anyway some little boy put his finger in a dyke and stopped the world from flooding then another cried wolf, and sure enough the little girl with a red hood on her car almost got picked up by a wolf dressed like a little ol' lady, why all this .....makes as much sense as tthe global warming theory, and after all it is a THEORY.
Fredrick Lucas on January 30, 2016 3:59 AM
Geno, if you play ball with me you need to research and have sources availaqble. which you don't have. Let's go back to smog. You live in a rural area. I live in a metro  area with 2.1 million people. The law in 2002 that regulated air pollution from automobiles has helped  control pollution. . Lead in gasoline was contributing to health problems. That is why it was removed . 

Why do you think that a world wide flood happened . When did such a thing ouccur ? Fred

Fredrick Lucas on January 30, 2016 8:11 AM
Ched and Cookie, The young man who recently made a video of Planned Parenthood  which was edited and distorted has been indicted by a grand jury in Houston Texas.He cas charged with making  a false California drivers licence. In addition  he was charged with making statements about purchasing embryos. 

Eleven states have investigated Planned Parenthood  and have determined that they did not violate any law.
Cookie on January 30, 2016 8:53 AM
Oh but wait your homework.......what about the CONFLICT OF INTEREST in the D.A's office.  Tell the full story or lets just "shoot the messenger."  
geno on January 30, 2016 3:39 PM
Fredo, I did not realize you were so uninformed, have you never delved into history , you stated you were Jewish by choice, then you should have read the Rabbilican account, surely a man with your intelligence would not enter into such a life changing event without much compillation, Did you never hear of Alexander The Great, read Daniel's account of it, by the way he wrote about it way before it happened, read Daniel's account of the United States before it became a nation, and by the way we celebrate July 4th, strangely enough 7:4 is the chapter and verse about the United States, in Daniel, that is found in your Jewish History, it is also in our HOLY BIBLE you will also find the flood in Jewish History, it is also in our HOLY BIBLE, however I think you will not check it out, I also think you have never read about fossilized fish found over i mile high in mountain ranges, have to go archeology books to find that, you be good boy do your home work and get back to me, you will not be graded on the curve. By the way, did you know it was the Jews that financed Columbus' expedition to America, few people do, Spain was going to kill or export all who did not turn to Catholism, you can find that IN the history of the Jews. I can see by your writings you have much to learn ask THE LORD to give you an enthusiasm to learn what you can, all it takes is dropping your pride and humbling yourself, you will be surprised what THE LORD will show you if you ask. Believe it or not I love you and so does Jesus.
Fredrick Lucas on January 30, 2016 4:11 PM
Going to a different subject. Dupont Chemical Company in Parkersburg made a chemical known as C-8 which was used to make Teflon for various products. The company was sued because women who worked in that environment were having children with various birth defects. When the company found that this occurred pulled the women from the line. 

Some of the chemical leaked into the water supply.  Eventually the company settelled with the workers for 343 million dollars. They were fined $16.4 million by the EPA for failure to report. the problem. Source-The Intercept on the Internet.
Fredrick Lucas on January 30, 2016 4:20 PM
Cookie why don't you enlighten us about the actions of the DA in Houston? Geno, this isn't a reeligious tretise. I am not going to have a religious discussion with you Fred
Cookie on January 30, 2016 7:00 PM
Well Fredo since you insist.

The Harris County Assistant D.A. is a fundraiser for their local Planned Parenthood and sits on their Board of Directors.
"Shoot the messenger" much?????

Put some baking soda on that and it will stop stinging.  
Ched on January 30, 2016 8:21 PM
The inditement is  a  sham !!!  wait  til it  gets  to  court!!!
Ched on January 30, 2016 8:19 PM
NBC ????? consider  the liberal  source !!!
Ched on January 30, 2016 8:16 PM
Fred  Yes ! and Brenie Madoff as well as Enron execs all went  to jail ... as  they  should!!!
Fredrick Lucas on January 31, 2016 9:51 AM
Ched, I'm disappointed in what you have said about NBC. They interviewed a climate scientist who has worked in the Arctic and has seen the changes in summer ice. The leader of the Inuit discussed the problems of his people trying to feed themselves and their families. A number of villages are abandoned. The secretary general of the United Nations  also favors lowering the carbon footprint. 

Guy what do you mean by liberal? Since you appear to be a climate change denier what experts do you cite.?



Mike Murphy on January 31, 2016 12:41 PM
We can all agree that the climate does change therefore we have weather men women persons?

Since we are getting less ice at the north pole and more ice at the south pole, could it be the earth's axis is tilting more, we do know that it wobbles around a lot and the magnetic north is changing? Ched - I would be interested in your take since you have an engineering background instead of Liberal Arts supported by the Huffington Post.

Why was it changed from Global Warming to Climate Change? Also did I not read that sun spots and solar flares affected climate?  

I look forward to a great super bowl with Carolina getting their first win. Would have liked to see the Patriots in SB but Denver's Defense deserves win!

Can see some grass, thank goodness, the Deer were about to strip shrubs to the bone!

Keep the faith

Ched on January 31, 2016 1:02 PM
My engineering background  does not  qualify me  as a climate  scientist however,
 I am NOT a  climate  change  denier !!! The  climate of the  earth does change  and has  for thousands of  yeares warming,  cooling, warming , cooling , etc , etc.  The  arctic ice is reduced and the  antarctic ice is increasing and  the net  effect is ... who knows???  as  the  systems of measurement are not precise. The  scientists are not in agreement as  to whether any of  this is the result man caused green house  gasses.
While CO2 is typically  labled  as  the bad actor, Methane (CH4) is  approximately 30 times more  potent  as  a GH  gas.  The primary source of methane comes  from decaying microorganisims in sediments  and  wetlands.
 CO2  and  water  vapor  are  also GH gasses. Both are  essential for plant life !!!


Mike Murphy on February 1, 2016 2:41 PM
WV Legislature is about to pass "Right to Work", Charter Schools and Open Gun Carry Legislation. I never thought I would see the day but it is on the way. Governor will veto and leg will override.

Also a good slate of candidates for Governor, Jim Justice and Booth Goodwin D, Kessler D not so much and Bill Cole R. All look ok except Kessler but I prefer Cole since all dems support ACA and closed shop.

Keep the faith
Ched on February 1, 2016 4:47 PM
"Right to Work" is  a must  for any chance  to  attract industry !!!! 
Fredrick Lucas on February 1, 2016 7:51 PM
Ched I was surprised that you failed to mention the plightof the Inuit who have had to abandon their villages in the Arctic Ocean area because the ice in the summer has melted so fast.

Wasn't it sad that two Virginia Tech students murdered a thirteen  year old girl. Fred
Cookie on February 1, 2016 9:20 PM
I could write a dissertation on what would possess two bright college students with endless opportunity to commit such a crime but I'm afraid my right wing logic would fall on deaf ears.  I'll just keep beating my drum.....
"It all started at Woodstock."
Carl on February 1, 2016 9:28 PM
J. Fred, I know what a strickler for, and protector of, the factual truth that you are.  As of now, I believe that only one Va Tech student is charged with murder.  The other is charged with two, non-murder offenses.  I'm certain, based on your many past comments, that you'd want the record set straight.
Fredrick Lucas on February 2, 2016 4:59 AM
Yes Carlos, the female student was an accomplice in that she helped move the child's body. I will be interested to learn what motivated those students to do such a horrible thing.School shootings really are horrible events.

Carlos, the Norfolk Southern Railroad will close the district office in
Bluefield according to the Daily Telegraph.
Fredrick Lucas on February 2, 2016 6:48 AM
Mike, I didn't realize that Kenna is near Ripley and Left Hand. You are not in an urban metropolitan environment and don't face the challenges that we face every day. So our priorities and needs are different. Our thoughts about government will be different.?

Do you have a mayor, city council, fire department, university , police force, hospital? What shopping centers do you have? Do you find these services in Ripley? What about lLeft Hand ? Fred

Thomas Dillon on February 2, 2016 11:29 AM
Mike Herring's birthday today. Happy birthday cous.

Our paper this morning reported that the two who killed the little girl in Virginia were both freshmen at Tech studying engineering. The two had lived near one another in Maryland where they attended high school and teachers and administrators there thought they had very bright futures.

Fred, you ask why. I think primarily is that evil does exist and there are no longer any absolutes. Many things today are relative, gray, whatever the majority thinks. Without faith in God and perhaps a belief in the possibility of spending enternity with Him, people just give up, don't consider human life sacred, and do whatever they wish.

Secondly, an answer is DRUGS. I don't know if this is a contributing issue in Virginia, but the atrocities that are committed due to someone being high on drugs and/or seeking money and/or stealing to purchase more are frightening. In an adjacent county next to where we are staying in Florida, the graduation rate in high school is 49%. We thought it might be due to the lack of jobs as the primary industry is fishing (oysters and shrimp), but were told that it is due to drugs -- meth is very easy to obtain.

Hey Texans, Will, JK, I am sure you read this blog. Any thoughts about Mr. Cruz?
geno on February 2, 2016 3:32 PM
Shootings, killing little girls, same old story of good and evil, see, Fred can't get away from religion, like  pres, Tom said.
Carl on February 2, 2016 4:19 PM
[Thanks for the heads-up, Tom Dillon.]
Becky Novarro on February 2, 2016 4:52 PM
Happy Birthday, Mike. Congratulations on living another year. We all need to be grateful for the gifts we are given and often forget what we have because we are looking for more. If you open your eyes in the morning and are still here, it's a good day. My son-in-law apologized to his children for them having to grow up in such a frightening time. We old folks sure did have a wonderful childhood. It's a shame people have chosen such evil.
Fredrick Lucas on February 3, 2016 7:41 AM
Geno and others, I would like all of you to feel free to attend our religious service. Go to the web site Isaac Wise Temple Cincinnati on any Friday at 6:15 pm. Our services are live stream video and last about one hour and fifteen minutes. Fred 
Mike Murphy on February 3, 2016 1:06 PM
Tom - Wisely said - I agree totaly.

We seem to have abandoned individual responsibility to do what is right in lieu of the government doing everything for us. There seems to be a societal excuse for every crime including Islamic Extremism.

Good results from the Iowa Caucus at least in terms of turn out.

Fred - I am not sure what your point is about Kenna and my perspectives on government and since you don't pay any attention to what I say - "What Difference Does It Make"?

Carol - Looks like Rand is concentrating on Kentucy - to bad he brought a needed perspective to the campaign.

Keep the faith
Fredricko Lucas on February 3, 2016 9:08 PM
Mike you live in a tiny hamlet. The State of West Virginia does not allow public sector workers to unionize for which you agree. In Ohio public sector workers are able to belong to unions and engage in collective bargaining.Wages in the public sector lag far behind those in other states. 

Private sector workers can organizea union and participate in collective bargaining. General Electric Aircraft Engine and Ford Transmission workers are organized and participate in collectivr bargaining. Kroger Employees are organized. Proctor and Gamble  and Macy employees aren't organized. Employees have freedom of choice. These companies represent several thousand workers. Your tiny hamlet and left hand don't have to deal with these concerns. Fred

Mike Murphy on February 3, 2016 9:33 PM
Fred - So?
Cookie on February 3, 2016 11:57 PM
Lordy Mercy Fredo
How did you learn so much stuff????? You couldn't possibly have gone to school in West Virginia.  
Could you go to New Hampshire and infuse some newness into the dialogue because that bunch they have there this week has begun to make my eyes glass over-----and its on F E B R U A R Y.   
Cookie on February 3, 2016 11:59 PM
.........that would be "only" February.  
Ched on February 4, 2016 11:44 AM
Public  sector unions are bankrupting city and  state  governments where  they exist. Unions in the  Federal Government  shlould be  abolished; not  so much because of  pay but because of  all the "work rules'" which  undermine  efficiency prevent appropriate  discipinary action including  termination !!!
 My experience in industry is  similar

Ched on February 4, 2016 11:52 AM
Industry has moved out of  the north  to the  southern states which have  right  to  work. Smart  companies pay very good  and  competitive  wages / benefits  to  thwart unions.  Companies  endeavor  to remove  the  economic  reasons  for their  teammates  to organize. Union dues  are significant and are used  to advance political agendas of the unions  on which many  southerners  do not  agree.The unions stifle  shop efficiency and discipline  when necessary.
Fredrick Lucas on February 4, 2016 7:38 PM
Ched, where is your data? When I was employed by the State of Ohio and we had collective bargaining . The State of Ohio still has collective bargaining. Krogers, General Electric Aircraft Engines, Ford and construction companies that use unions allied with the skilled trades are still around. 

Ched where is your data? What you give us is your opinion, Do you know how to find data?
Fredrick Lucas on February 4, 2016 7:45 PM
Returning to the murder in Blacksburg, it was reported that young Eisenhauer had attended a Christian  High School. The lawyer for the young woman who was his accomplice stated that she is mentally ill.

Watching the mother talk about her slain daughterwho had both teenage as well as child like qualities  was so sad.   Fred
Fredrick Lucas on February 4, 2016 9:00 PM

When I worked with the State of Ohio, I was a member of AFSCME or the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees. During collective bargaining, statistians estimated state county and municipal revenues and we bargained for wages and benefits based upon the projections. No governmental county, state or municipal entity went bankrupt. 

Regarding using union money for political purposes, in Ohio, governmental employees can give to a special political fund. It isn't required.


Cookie on February 4, 2016 10:25 PM
I also belonged to a union -- only for the legal protection and representation should a parent decide to sue me and to support me when and if I was assaulted--which I might add did indeed happen.  I had a small problem with the union.  I eventually decided it was a giant ponzi scheme.  The unions never endorsed my political candidate nor was I ever given a vote on whom they should endorse nor was I ever given an opportunity to vote on how much of my money they gave the candidates.  Rest assured the candidate was always liberal, progressive and in no way represented my views.  

The union greased the politicians hand and the politicians policies in turn ensured survival of the union.  

I know all about AFSME.  Even if a state employee here decides not to join--the dues are still deducted from their paychecks and I have never known them to endorse a conservative political candidate. 

I'm not sure today's unions are the unions of the great Matwan mine strike.
Ched on February 4, 2016 10:57 PM
I have been in industry  for over 40 years  and have  seen first hand  the effect of unization. First hand experience  trumps data in this case !!! Just look at  the migration of heavy industry from the north to  the south !!! End of  discussion !!!
Mike Murphy on February 5, 2016 9:44 AM
Fred - I thought you were all about choice. Wouldn't you want it to be your choice to join a Union or Not?

I supervised the new and expanding industries program for the state of West Virginia for 10 years and worked closely with the economic development department and employment security to attract new industries to WV. Right to work was one of the factors for relocation especially for larger industries. North and South Carolina beat our butt most of the time. Recent study by WVU showed right to work states attracted more new industries.

Interesting side story - we had a program for an industry making tennis shoes in Davis WV. They made 42,000 pair of kids shoes sizes 2-4 during the initial training. Since they could not be sold we gave them to welfare for wv kids.

Boone County Schools to lay off 80 employees due to war on coal. Hope you tree huggers are happy!

Keep the faith

Ched on February 5, 2016 10:04 AM
Mike  you are  100% correct. RTW is  the key !!!
Mike Murphy on February 7, 2016 12:15 PM
Look out the Panthers are going to maul the Broncos!
Carl on February 7, 2016 12:25 PM
Murf, thanks for the prediction.  Knowing that you're picking the Panthers gives me added hope that the Broncos will find a way . . . some how.
Carol on February 8, 2016 6:23 AM
The latest email from Heritage Foundation saddened me because it stated that WV is in dire straits due to the layoff of miners and 900 more will be laid off in July.  It reminds me of the demise of the textile industry in SC.  Most communities had a mill.  NAFTA put the final nail in the coffin for this industry and these jobs were sent to Mexico and China. 

(Speaking of mills.  On Strange Inheritance last week they talked about Shoeless Joe Jackson.  He grew up in a mill village not far from us in Greenville.  He began working in a mill when he was just a boy and never learned to read.  He was one of the greatest baseball players ever.)

SC is a poor state.  We don't have coal, gas and oil like WV and many other states.  We have beautiful beaches, a mild climate, and a friendly labor climate.  Why did BMW, Boeing, Toray, tire manufacturers etc move here?   We all know the answer.  

Mike, I was definitely planning to vote for Rand.  Now, I am not sure but am leaning toward Cruz.  I have issues with his wife--she worked for Goldman Sacs and was a CFR.  Who can I trust to "protect and defend" the Constitution of the UNited States?

Mike Murphy on February 8, 2016 10:16 AM
Carol- another 8 yrs with the dems and all industry will be off shore!

As far as who to vote for you might take Carls advice and vote for the other team. Seems I was wrong with Carson, Cain and Carolina, you can never go wrong with the Earl of Carl.

Keep the Faith

Ched on February 8, 2016 11:19 AM
All of oue Republican candidates have something to offer and  another  Democratic administration would be a disaster.  I presonally like Rubio and believe he  can win
Carl on February 8, 2016 12:06 PM
Carol, your mentioning Shoeless Joe Jackson sent me web browsing.  His baseball life is a great story with an unhappy ending -- and unjust by most everyone's account.  I came across a quote that's new to me, and mighty impressive:
"I copied Jackson's style because I thought he was the greatest hitter I had ever seen, the greatest natural hitter I ever saw. He's the guy who made me a hitter."
-- Babe Ruth

The John Sayles movie, "Eight Men Out" is a top-quality account of the 1919 "Black Sox" scandal that "done ole Joe in."  Sayles is the same filmmaker who did "Matewan," another fine historical drama.

BTW, what's a CFR?
Cookie on February 8, 2016 12:10 PM
Carl:  Council on Foreign Relations.  Check out their membership and their agenda.  It is an eye-opener.  You will understand then why we have all been duped.
Carl on February 8, 2016 12:34 PM
Carol darlin', I'm not sure that I want to understand why we've been duped.  "Ignorance is bliss" has served me well for 7+ decades.
Fredrick Lucas on February 8, 2016 3:58 PM
During the '50s and 60's my late mother was employed by Concord. She was a secretary who took shorthand and typed 50wpm. She was paid minimum wage. When the family moved to Radford, she became employed by Radford University and was paid $3000 more per year than Concord paid her. That was an immediate increase.

I went to West Liberty University to discuss employment in 1969. The President said  that wages in the system were so low that they got faculty that no one else wanted.

Turning to another subject  the Counseling group at Virginia Tech who worked with the young accomplice to murder of the thirteen year old child said that they cannot predict who will or will not comit murder.

Cookie, if the majority of members of AFSCME want to back progressive candidates, that darlin is their choice. They could have refused to give money to the poliitical arm of the union. If the union handles contract negotiations then members, and don't forget darlin the majority rule, should pay for the cost of the negotiation. Fred
Cookie on February 8, 2016 4:47 PM
Union membership (rank and file) is not consulted regarding endorsements or financial contributions.  Thats the whole point.  Decisions are made by the leadership.  I was not a member of AFSME.  My membership was with the administrators unit of the educational community.  Same crap.  Thats why kids can't read, can't compute and now will not be able to write since we don't need cursive writing.  We have computers.  Have you ever tried to get rid of a lousy teacher??????  Forget it!!!!
Just so you will know!!!!!  The last fellow who called me "darlin" got a punch in the mouth. Its just that "mountain thing" you know.   Its genetic.  
Thats too bad West Virginia's higher education has such bad professors.  I thought Concord had some pretty great ones.  
Fredrick Lucas on February 8, 2016 5:32 PM
Cookie, I believe that Carlos called you darlin. I was really surprised

that none of you gave sources . Perhaps that's impossible.

Cookie on February 8, 2016 6:15 PM
Have you considered a hobby?
Fredrick Lucas on February 9, 2016 6:53 AM
Cookie, I have several hobbies. I'm a member of the Cincinnati Elks Club. We raise money for United Cerebral Palsey. We visit veterans at the Veterans Hospital. We donate to the Elks Foundation which provides college scholarships for students. Since we have members of various faiths, we don't pray to Jesus.

I continue to sing. I sing with a choir that sings strictly in German. Also, I sing with the Temple Choir.

Finally, I'm a member of the Alliance Francaise de Cincinnati. We have a number of cultural programs throughout the year.

West Virginia University has had trouble retaining faculty in the various sciences and engineering disciplines. They can compete through the assistant professor level . Afterward faculty leave. Fred
Thomas Dillon on February 9, 2016 8:29 AM
Dearest Cookie (I don't wish to get punched in the mouth), do you sometimes think that you are just spitting in the wind?
Carl on February 9, 2016 11:36 AM
. . . and don't tug on Superman's cape
Mike on February 9, 2016 11:50 AM
Don't pull the mask off that ole long ranger!
Cookie on February 9, 2016 12:56 PM
Poking the bear?

Old people should be required to get a job.
geno on February 9, 2016 1:26 PM
Cookie, it is good to read after one who has common sense, and anyone who has common sense can sense what makes good sense, and will not wind up with nonsense.
Carl on February 9, 2016 1:33 PM
Geno, your point certainly rings true as a general statement, but if it weren't for nonsense, my life wouldn't make no sense at all. 
[At least that's my sense of things.]
Cookie on February 9, 2016 3:00 PM
I sense that since my last post you still haven't completed your resume.  They are hiring at Home Depot.

Carl on February 9, 2016 3:07 PM
Cookie, while I like Home Depot, I don't think I'd make it there since I don't know hardware from hogwash. . . . Wait!  Now that I think of it, I know quite a bit about hogwash.  Is there a Hog Depot nearby that you know of?
Cookie on February 9, 2016 3:23 PM
Really "hamming it up" today aren't you.
Carl on February 9, 2016 3:49 PM
Ouch!!!  Cookie, I believe I was just now the recipient of your best spiral cut.  I think it hurt more than the punch in the mouth for calling you darlin'.  You must forgive me: I yam what I yam, my little sweet potato.
Cookie on February 9, 2016 4:25 PM
Where's the beef. 

I would prefer to be called a "tomato."

Trump called.  Has invited me to join his "sentence enhancer" advisory group.  I declined.  Told him he was doing quite well without me.  

P.S.  I was not at his rally.  Have never been to New Hampshire.  Honest!!!
Tom Dillon on February 9, 2016 5:17 PM
Cookie, you have already gotten into trouble for your use of very descriptive nomenclature and are still on probation. I am glad that you turned down Trump's invitation as I don't want you to get into trouble via association and end up ostracized from the blog when they hold the primary in Ohio.
Cookie on February 9, 2016 7:48 PM
Fredrick Lucas on February 9, 2016 5:19 PM
I went to the fitness center where I spoke with a retired pharmacist who is 95 and still going strong. He eats plenty of fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Last week he fell in the bathroom but didn't hurt himself because his bones are strong.

I go to the pool which is 75 feet long and swim laps for forty minutes. Wouldn't it be fun to have Miss Cookie swimming beside me. Miss Cookie is a southern expression.

I'm looking out of the window at the snowfall and wish I were riding on my sled on the hill behind Jack Honaker's house . Jack and the Strasko boys would ride with me. 

Mr. Tom, My mother was born in Peterstown. There were several Dillon families who lived in Monroe County. Did your family live in Monroe County at one time. That is your ancestors? Fred
Mike Murphy on February 10, 2016 9:52 AM
Fred - What makes Bernie Saunders so Popular?

Tracy French on February 10, 2016 10:52 AM
Carl:  There is a Hog De'pot Center in Washington.
Carl on February 10, 2016 11:17 AM
Tracy, do you mean "the hogwash capital of the world"?
Cookie on February 10, 2016 12:14 PM
Man'ure right boys.  Lardy, I never sau'sage a bunch of swine along the Potomac.

Tracy French on February 10, 2016 12:52 PM
That's the one I was thinking about Carl.  Of course there are a lot of people who don't consider it to be the Hawg Capitol but instead think of it as being the Bull Capitol of the world
Thomas Dillon on February 10, 2016 5:02 PM
Cookie, writing in hieroglyphics now? Did you write something inappropriate? Again?
Carl on February 10, 2016 9:25 PM
Why Tom, our Cookie has turned downright poetic.  Savor it.
Thomas Dillon on February 11, 2016 10:32 AM
Cookie, do you do Haiku (šŅ≥Ś?•?
Cookie on February 11, 2016 10:45 AM
No Tom!  I only print and write cursive.
Thomas Dillon on February 11, 2016 2:00 PM
What was your post on 2/9? A smiley face on it's side? Morse Code?
Becky Novarro on February 11, 2016 2:53 PM
Anyone want to talk about the weather.  It was 12 degrees in Princeton this morning.  My daughter said it was  42 last night in Naples, FL.  We are all cold right now.  Expecting snow tomorrow.  Really enjoying being here.  Made a pot of soup today....yum.

Tracy French on February 12, 2016 11:43 AM
Becky:  I think you "chilled" everybody out.  Got any soup left?
Mike Murphy on February 12, 2016 12:18 PM
Becky - It was 11.3 degrees here in the hamlet of Kenna this AM. Projected to be -3 tonight. Why did you decide to come here in the dead of winter? Wouldn't it be great if all our classmates could gather around a roaring fireplace and have some of your soup?

Welcome back to Wild and Wonderful!

Carl on February 12, 2016 12:29 PM
Based on previous blog comments, I get the feeling that Jim Novarro
& Gene Law hit the "wives-who-can-really-cook" sweepstakes. 
Congrats, guys.       
Fredrick Lucas on February 12, 2016 4:12 PM

I think that Sanders is popular with the young who would like universal health care and free college tuition.But being young, they are idealists. They don't know how these ideas will implemented.

Turning to snow, the streets are clear but we still have snow. Children are out of school today. Teachers have an in service day. I went to a restaurant for lunch and it was crowded with parents and children. 

We expect 34 degrees by Monday. Today I was on the eliptical machine for thirty minutes. Have lost 30lbs. since I began the fitness work. Fred
Fredrick Lucas on February 12, 2016 4:25 PM
On this day February 12, 1809 Abraham Lincoln was born and Virginia was never the same. He enabled West Virginia to become a state. Sadly our hometown Princeton was destroyed by fire started by confederate forces fleeing union troops. 
Ched on February 12, 2016 6:54 PM
If Sanders  were to be  elected, the  free enterprise  system in this country would be  destroyed. Many large  companies  would move off shore  to escape his rediculous  tax  system. The National dept  would rocket to unsustainable levels. FREE STUFF FOR ALL !!!! But it what  will he  do when we  run out of other peoples money??Fortunately I do not  believe  a socialist  would ever be  elected in the USA.  HRC is not trustworthy in my opinion and the FBI is not  finished with her yet.. The Dems  are  so far  to the left now!!! What happened  to good ole  southern democrats??? Reagan Democrats???? This is  why I am a  conservative through and  through. !!!
Cookie on February 12, 2016 9:36 PM
Note to Hil and Bern

The 60s have Left the Building along with the yellow Madam Mao Jacket.
Fredrick Lucas on February 13, 2016 2:21 PM
I was at the fitness center the other day and employees drom the Newport Kentucky Acquarium. They brought three baby sharks that the members and their families could touch. The children really enjoyed touching them.

Since we have snow and the temperature has fallen, the Perfect North Ski Slope is open and folks are having fun skiing. Ched you might ask why the slope is named Perfect North? It's not really perfect for you. It is named after the family who owns it. Their name is Perfect. The ski slope in Mercer County is quite popular in the winter. That enterprise has customers who stay in the motels  in Princeton during the winter , Many of the rooms are full.

Here's one for the football players. Last week, a hot college prospect from western Pennsylvania  saw the movie Concussion. He toldthe colleges who wanted him to play football to forget the recruitment. His health was more important. He accepted a basketball scholarship to Susquahanna University. Fred
Ched on February 13, 2016 5:04 PM
Concusshions do happen but  the incidence of repeated ones is low compared to the thousands who play football. Also the awareness  and protocol by medical staff is now providing improved player safety. Pro football is  fast  and hard hitting hoever players understand  the  risk reward  aspect of a pro career.  
Football builds  character, a sense of  teamwork over self, discipline, physical fitness and value of hard  work.  Football is  good !!!
Mike Murphy on February 13, 2016 5:32 PM
Terrible news - Justice Scalia just died acording to my Fox news alert. Balance will surley be lost to Libs w Obama apointing! 

Keep the Faith
geno on February 13, 2016 5:54 PM
S.O.S (send out sweaters), the icy fingers of ol' man winter has tightened on us, we are caught in his merciless grip, and he won' let go, gone through most of hot chocolate, cinnamon rolls are finished up no hot fudge icing to go on them any way, Fort Gene is on its last legs if  cavalry doesn' arrive soon all is lost.....Hold it Hold it, my wife just fixed the toaster we will huddle over it and this will be our campfire tonight, disregard earlier message, feeling better already I feel a song coming on "Tenting tonite Tenting tonite, Tenting on the old camp ground" we'll be alright snuggling around the ol' toaster.  stay warm
University football. Lucas on February 13, 2016 5:54 PM
Ched eleven high school players died while playing football  in 2015 according to CNN. A number of college players have committed suicide . They suffered from CTE. Professional players prior to the discovery of CTE did not fully comprehend the risks associated with the game. Are you aware that retired players have filed a multi million dollar lawsuit.

Poor Earl Campbell is now in a wheelchair. Ken Stabler sent his brain to Boston University to have his brain examined for CTE. He had the problem. His wife said that when she brought out pots and pans to cook supper he couldn't take the noise.

One of my gym friends, Ted Cokley of Harrison Ohio had to have knee replacement surgery after playing high school football. He's a retired high school principal and doesn't share your views.

I'm doing this because many parents are refusing to allow their boys to play football. In Minnesota, there has been a drop of 20% in high school participation in football. Fred
Carl on February 13, 2016 6:02 PM
Well, I guess if Ted Cokley feels that way, the issue is pretty well settled.
Fredrick Lucas on February 14, 2016 6:45 AM
According to the National Centerc  for Catastrophic Sports Imjury Research at the University of North Carolina 19 high school football players died in 2015 and 30 players from all levels became paralyzed.

Ched on February 14, 2016 12:50 PM
I guess  the  solution to all risks is  to  stay inside. Dont drive, dont  fly, dont  do anything  that has  any risk whatsoever !!!  Athletes  are  subject  to injury, police officers,  firefighters , soldiers  etc  etrc  !!!
Mike Murphy on February 14, 2016 12:53 PM
Ched and Carol- Looked like your guys did pretty well in last nights debates. What do you think?

Thousands of people are killed and paralyzed each year by car accidents and swimming and more people are killed by bee stings than snake bites, but I will still look at the bathing suit photos, drive my car and eat honey while watching football! Isn,t that amazing Joe Bflitzh?

Keep the Faith
Fredrick Lucas on February 14, 2016 1:38 PM
Ched and Mike, I will close with the following incident at Lasalle High School in Green Township. Several years ago a boy made the wrong tackle and became a quadraplegic. The parents sued the school, equipment manufacturer, and the coach. The judge through the suit out of court. 
Fredrick Lucas on February 14, 2016 1:43 PM
I talked to members of the swim and dive team at Colerain High School. The boys with whom I talked thought that being members of the swim team is safer than playing football.

Carl on February 14, 2016 3:13 PM
J. Fred, on the topic of risky behavior, please be very careful how you talk to young boys at the pool.  In these dangerous times, before you know what happened, you could be concluding "better a concussion than the courtroom."
Fredrick Lucas on February 14, 2016 3:18 PM
I would be interested to learn what the ladies think of football. Would they encourage their grandsons to participate. Fred

Tracy French on February 14, 2016 6:31 PM
Mike:  Joe Bflitzh?  Is that the character from Lil' Abner.  The one that bad luck followed everwhere he went, always under a little cloud and rain.

I was disgusted with Bush, Trump and Cruz in the debates last night.  If they are not careful they are going to cause a lot of people to stay home on election day.

Obama may cut Hillary a deal.  If Sanders beats out Hillary for the Democrat Nonimee then Obama will appoint her to the Supreme Court.  If she wins the Democrat nomination and wins the election she appoints Obama to the Supreme Court.    ... just saying.
Ched on February 14, 2016 6:56 PM
 That is an interesting  theory  regarding Hilliary and Obama and possible SC appointments.However, neither has had any judicial experience which has always been a matter of significant  requisite in the past. No only  time on the bench but remarcable successive appointments  to higher  courts.
Also any  nominee must be  approved  by  the  Senate.
  I dont  worry about  this one.
 I agree especially Trump....  he was  rather  crude in my opinion

Carl on February 14, 2016 7:26 PM
Justice Scalia's death marks a sad, sad time for the U.S. Supreme Court, and, by extension, America.  Things are sure to turn ugly in coming months as the debate about his replacement takes place.  Expect some partisan comments that are disheartening if not downright shameful.  As regards Justice Scalia, however, remember this statement from Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, beloved by liberals, and Scalia's nearly polar opposite on the Court: "He was a jurist of captivating brilliance..."
Mike Murphy on February 16, 2016 12:31 PM
Guess who is Grand Master of Masons In West Virginia?
Keep the Faith

Tracy French on February 16, 2016 1:01 PM
I found the following on the internet.  My personal opinion is that the Supreme Court should be diversified in regards to education, occupation and life experiences. 

Question: What are the requirements to become a Supreme Court justice?

Answer: Ironically, there are no requirements given in the Constitution for becoming a Supreme Court justice. No age, experience, or citizenship rules exist. In fact, a Supreme Court justice does not need to even have a law degree. However, since the Senate confirms justices, experience and background have become important factors in the confirmations.

The Constitution does not specify qualifications for Justices such as age, education, profession, or native-born citizenship. A Justice does not have to be a lawyer or a law school graduate, but all Justices have been trained in the law. Many of the 18th and 19th century Justices studied law under a mentor because there were few law schools in the country.

Carl on February 16, 2016 4:48 PM
Interesting and informative, Tracy.  Now that I know how open the process is, and with the great cultural emphasis on diversity, I'm writing the president to encourage him to nominate Gene Law, a fine, upstanding, common-sensical West Virginian.  Who'll back me?

Tracy French on February 16, 2016 5:10 PM
Carl:  You can count me in and I believe I may be able to get you another vote in my household.  Do you think Gene.s nomination would do better under the present administration or the one to come?
Carl on February 16, 2016 8:20 PM
Tracy, we wanna act fast and get Gene in there.  I think we need to copy the David Souter folks and make sure that Obama believes Gene to be a good, reliable, old-fashioned West Virginia Democrat.  It can't hurt to try.
[Recall that Souter was a Geo. H.W. Bush appointee thought to be a solid New England conservative who turned out to be a liberal rubber-stamp justice.]

Tracy French on February 16, 2016 10:16 PM
Carl:  With a last name like "Law" we should have no problem convincing Obama and the senate that Gene has a law degree from every Ivy League School plus Kegly Tech and Oxford.

I think Gene could put Souter to shame with his deceptive ways.  Who would have ever thunk he was a conservative?  Not me!


Carl on February 17, 2016 10:22 AM
Here's a list of our annual rash of late-February birthdays:

Peggy Charolene Fields Glenn - February 24
Joyce Lytton Mash - February 24
Ched Yearout - February 25
Pete Stephenson - February 27
Barbara Stepp Rumburg - February 27

Happy Birthday to all o'yous!

Mike Murphy on February 17, 2016 12:38 PM
Happy Birthday all!!

Carl and Tracy  - If you guys have thouroughly vetted Mr. Law then I add my support, knowing that he will faithfully adujidicate! If it doesn't fit you must aquit?

Answer to quiz on who is grand master of WV Masons - our esteemed classmate M. Douglas Neal.

keep the faith
gene on February 17, 2016 12:45 PM
Carl, if nominated, I will not run, if elected, I will not serve, as for the so called "democrat" party I have resigned from such a diabolical disaster it has become, if this party is a democrat party I am a jet air plane pilot, and I assure you I am a firm believer in Jesus' words "lo I am with you always" As a person who has worked the polls since 1963, and have a good many friends, make that ex friends, they have now disowned me, many which I have asked what do you think the democrat party stands for, do you remember what they used to stand for? Know what the pat answer I received, "my grandpa was a democrat, my daddy was a democrat, and I am a democrat. I also questioned several republicans on the same line, almost identical answers, what a shame, can not anyone think for themselves any more, I understand more and more why America is not mentioned in the Bible in the last days. Please notice the vicious attacks of the pols. on one another. Also notice Bernie won N.H. a bum that has never held a job, never got a pacheck until he got a job counting welfare recipiants from this adm. at age of 39 or 40 probably a good man for a sinking nation. Probably a hero in most dems. eyes.
Cookie on February 17, 2016 2:08 PM
Casting my vote for Law--he will make a great "Supreme."

So I've heard she was watching the Westminister Dog Show and it came to her...."I know what I need to do to rescue my declining support, I'll tell that story about the Arkansas dog and I'll bark."
Is howling at the moon next????????????????????
Carl on February 17, 2016 3:28 PM
Geno, your response proves that you're perfect for the job.  Never say never.  Your country NEEDS you . . . and support for your candidacy is building.  Dare to dream, my friend; dare to dream.

Tracy French on February 18, 2016 10:57 AM
Geno:  The Army, Air Force and Navy are all looking for good qualified jet pilots.  May I recommend you to one of the branches?

I have remained in the Democrat Party soley for the purpose of voting against someone in the primary.

Cookie:  On a warm summer night when I open my bedroom windows I can hear the howling all the way from Washington when the moon is full.

I think Trump got the best of the Town Hall Meeting last night.  The moderators were hardley able to get a word in edge wise much less ask a question.  I had been wondering how he was going to get Mexico to build the wall but after hearing his plan I think it's doable.

Mike Murphy on February 18, 2016 12:29 PM
Geno- I drove by the Mercer County Golf Course now Elks the other day and noted that the pine trees that were planted in the 50s at the edge of no 4 fairway were around 50 ft! Good luck on your run for the Supreme Court. 
Tracy - I guess it is still the same in Mercer county - If you are registered other than Dem you don't have anyone to vote for? The Republician led WV legislature is on a roll with modern laws after 80 years of dem dom. ie Right to Work, concealed Gun carry without a permit, Charter Schools, Late term abortion restrictions‚??‚??. Although these may be to late since BHO has ruined the economy.
gene on February 18, 2016 3:46 PM
I think I will change my name, I will now and hence forth be known as Prince, Mike you should make an effort to drive by the golf course on a windy, cloudy snowy day you will be amazed at the avid golfers that brave the elements to play that game, the Reps should look to the fairways for tough people to run the gauntlet in this presidential race, the guys running are vicious but not tough, Trump is outspoken on the visions of others, have not seen any vision from him, see the vision of Hillary and Sanders, it's a simple plan, everyone needs to be a serf and let them be the masters, they will even tell you when you feel bad and if you need some kind of care or if you don't need anything, what a great bunch of contenders we have, did this country used to be great or what? I wonder what will become of U.S. I like the plan where no citizen would own any property, no more property taxes, huh, How will NATO run America? Is this a plan, maybe we cannot govern ourselves as the forefathers thought, we certainly cannot seem to think any more, I'll be glad when there are no more wrong answers, whatever we think is the way it will be, modern tech has sure answered a lot of questions HUH?
Carl on February 18, 2016 4:26 PM
Prince, your response again proves that you're perfect for the job.  Never say never.  Your country NEEDS you . . . and support for your candidacy is building.  Dare to dream, my friend; dare to dream.
Fredrick Lucas on February 18, 2016 5:39 PM
Geno, Remember what the late John Kennedy who visited West Virginia in our youth. " Ask not what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country. " Your country needs you.

Mike and Ched often speak of labels such as conservative and liberal. In my humble opinion labels belong on soup cans. Do you prefer chicken , split pea, vegetable, French onion ect.

Texas  has gone further than West Virginia when it comes to firearms. Students and teachers can now carry firearms. Do you remember several years ago when a student at UT murdered students from the top of a tower that was on campus? We can only hope that a deranged 18 year old does not murder students or faculty. Fred
Cookie on February 18, 2016 9:59 PM
Dearest Fredo
If they survive the assault from the tower and move to the great state of Maryland there is still hope for their demise.
Maryland House of Delegates Bill HB 404-"END OF LIFE OPTION" provides for a physician to legally prescribe a lethal dose of medicine for ELDERLY patients with less than six months to live.
Wording on the "REQUEST FOR MEDICAL AID IN DYING" states.....I _______ am suffering from ________ which will result in my death within six months and I hereby authorize.........

Can only image where that could go....."Here granny let me hold that pen for you and what bank did you say those deposits were in?"
Remember when we discussed abortion and I told you the next most bothersome group was O L D   people.  Its HEREEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Cookie on February 18, 2016 10:01 PM
So now we ALL know why the web master made that move across the Potomac.  Just in time.  Got a room over there?????
Carl on February 18, 2016 10:31 PM
Always space for you, darlin'.  We might have to set up a cot in the storage room, but we'll spoil you with food, beverage, TV of choice, healthy diversions, world's top dog -- no, not me -- and other needed accoutrement to make life passable (assuming that you can endure my folderol).  Come on down!
Delores on February 19, 2016 12:15 AM
Carl:  Take her please.  I will send a pup tent, Coleman lantern and an ample supply of her anti-ranting pills.   

Tracy French on February 20, 2016 2:28 PM
I ran across an old picture of Nelson Baker the other day and I remember him going to Knob School and being in our class.  I had not seen him for more than 20 years and I found where he died April 10, 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Pete Stephenson on February 20, 2016 6:52 PM
Pete I saw some pictures of the PSHS basketball team before their game Friday night.All the players and coaches were lined up on the end lines for the National Anthem,of the 15 boys there in uniform there were only 2 that had their hands over their hearts.I commend them.  I thought it was a disgrace for the players not to respect our National Anthem.Do you guys think that was wrong of me to critisize our BB team?Behind the players stood the cheer leaders and they all were respecting our Anthem.Was proud of the girls but disapointed in the team.I guess someday we want have our Anthem played at all.I hope I'm not around when this happens.What do you guys think?
Mike Murphy on February 20, 2016 7:04 PM
Pete_ You are right to be incensed! The Coach should be fired. Of course you can find many pictures of BHO with his hands across his crotch while others are saluting the flag. I am disappointed especilly for Princeton.
Carol - Please give us some hope tonight.
God Bless America and our Flag and Pete,Tracy,Carl et al for fighting for Them!!
Ched on February 21, 2016 9:39 AM
Pete,  I agree  with you. I also notice  the  same  thing at foootball games.  Some respecting others not !!!

Tracy French on February 20, 2016 7:53 PM
Pete, I agree with you 100%.
Mike Murphy on February 21, 2016 11:58 AM
‚??Todays Charleston Gazette Mail front page, shows Ken Kendrick with other dignitaries, including Jerry West with a statue of Hot Rod Hundley in front of the WVU collesium. Kendrick funded the statue. When I talked to him at the Bluewell Armory around 1999? he said that he did not attend Princeton High but went to either a private or military school. Does anyone know which? His company had some niche software that apparently made him super rich. He also owns part of the Arizona Diamond Backs not sure about the name but a baseball team. He seems like a great guy and has represented Princeton and WVU well.
Looks like Rubio is on the move.
Keep the Faith
Carl on February 21, 2016 1:41 PM
Mike, Ken was in the PHS Class of 1961.  He certainly was at PHS as a sophomore, as my 1959 yearbook shows [see Earl Kendrick].  Perhaps he transferred before graduating.  I sorta knew him; he was a nice kid back then; sounds like he still is.
Carl on February 21, 2016 1:56 PM
Mike, looks like Ken was at PHS our senior year.  He's in the Science Club photo from the 1960 yearbook.  [I know this sounds stilted, but I don't have a 1960 yearbook, except for the hundreds of scans that Jerry Wizon did for me back in 2010.  Thus, . . .]
Mike Murphy on February 21, 2016 3:03 PM
Carl -I checked my 1960 annual and could not find Kendrick in Senior , Junior or Sophomore However I did find that one of our classmates was a Prince! Guess Who?
Keep the faith
Carl on February 21, 2016 3:15 PM
Mike, Ken shoulda been in the Juniors pix.  Otherwise, he must have crashed the Science Club photo in our Sr. Yrbk.
   As for your question, my guess is "Prince Charming" [aka Bob Lambert].
Thomas Dillon on February 21, 2016 3:42 PM
T. St.Clair and I knew Kenny and his family very well as we both worked at his father's (Earl Kendricks) men's clothing store just up the street from the original Jimmy's Restaurant, next to one of the theaters. M. Herring also worked there before going off to VPI. Terry and I worked at the store partime during our senior(Christmas season) year and then through the summer and our first year at Concord. Kendriks open a store in Athens that we worked in that never did well.
I don't know if Kenny went to military school, but I am pretty sure he graduated from PHS. He and Don Brohard were best friends. My brother Bob has had some contact with Kenndy over the years as Kenny's brother Ricky was one of Bob's best friend before we moved to Florida. 
Kenny went to West Virginia University and excelled at everything. He was in banking andgot into computers before any of knew what a mouse was. He is now a multi-millionaire several times over, owns and manages the National Baseball League Arizona Diamondbacks, and has endowed millions back to WVU. I think he also has part ownership of an arena football team.
Check Kenny out on Wikipedia -- Kenny or Earl Kendricks. What a success story for a Princetonian. 
Tom Dillon on February 22, 2016 3:58 PM
Tracy, I do remember Nelson Baker. He was often the arch rival of my gang (Bobby Wilkerson, Tommy Goins) as we played superheroes at recess running down the hill at Knob with the intent of taking off into the air like superman or rocketman or another crime-fighting flyer. This response triggered another name of a young friend -- do you remember a boy with the surname of Harmon?
My first love interest was Ginger Goins. When we young boys began to think of other things other than football (sorry Fred), a young black haired beauty named Connazine Parker caught Nelson's eye. Of course, Nelson and I were both too shy to make any moves so these ladies never knew of our feelings other than receiving the best valentine out of the package, all others being distributed to male and female classmates at random per alphabetical order.

Cookie on February 22, 2016 4:25 PM
Connazine Parker was a beauty.  I used to watch her on WHIS TV singing with her mom and dad, Rex & Eleanor Parker, in their country/western band.

Tracy French on February 22, 2016 5:17 PM
Tom: Nelson and I were good friends, he came to visit me several years ago and brought 1 of his daughters with him.  My son and Nelsons daughter hit if off for a while and my son flew to Las Vegas and stayed with Nelson for a while until the romance ended.

Connazine lives at Lerona.  I do not see her often but I do see her younger sister Rexanna occasionally.  Rex died a few years ago and Eleanor, his wife, and Connazine kept the radio program going on WLOH (now WAEY) for a long time but I haven't heard the program for the last 3 or 4 years.  If you remember, Martha White Flour was their sponser and they had written a theme song which they opened and closed their program with.

Cookie:  I also used to watch them on WHIS TV.  There was some really good local talent that played on channel 6 including Mel Street who wrote "Borrowed Angel".
Tom Dillon on February 22, 2016 5:59 PM
I think his name was Donnie Harmon? Anyone remember him? I think he was sweet on Ginger also. The time frame was 1st -- 6th grade.
geno on February 23, 2016 2:33 PM
Tom I remember all these folks, I remember Donnie well, we were friends until his mama told him he wasn't allowed to hang around with trash (meaning me), the Parker family was the wildest and roughest family in Princeton, until Rex, the father, got saved, you never seen a man change more, whole family changed, Rex Parker was one of the finest guitar pickers I have ever seen, he also made them, beautiful with fine tonal quality, he worked in the mines, they all had singing talent whole family was very gifted, Eleanor was the sweetest woman you would ever want to meet, talk your ear off about Jesus, any one who knew them before they met the Lord, then seen the change in their lives had no doubt there was a real and genuine salvation experience, all the men that worked with him in the mines had good comments about him, all who knew him liked him, that family is well known from their country music, then for their evangelizing work for Jesus. It's good to revisit the past and make old memories come alive, Some days I relive the 60's and 70's minute by minute, kinda like that ol' country song "sing me back home to the place that I belong, make my old memories come alive".
geno on February 23, 2016 2:37 PM
Nehemiah Kassay died, any of you folks remember him? I think he was 2 yrs. ahead of our class, his brother Abby was in our class.
Mike Murphy on February 23, 2016 4:48 PM
Geno -Did not know Nemiah but Abby along with 4 other men from the Kee Street Methodist Church worked 3 full days taking items from my brothers house for the church, He and John Puckett were extremely helpful to me at my brothers passing and very devoted to the Church.
I remember helping Eleanor on to the stage ie a flat bed truck at the age of around 10.
But I am courious about how you got your first name?
Keep the Faith
Carl on February 23, 2016 5:08 PM
Murph, I look forward to Geno's response too.  Relatedly, my maternal great-grandmother was named Queen Victoria Wall. 
How ya like them apples?

Carl on February 24, 2016 7:01 AM
. . . worth repeating:
Here's a list of our annual rash of late-February birthdays:

Peggy Charolene Fields Glenn - February 24
Joyce Lytton Mash - February 24
Ched Yearout - February 25
Pete Stephenson - February 27
Barbara Stepp Rumburg - February 27

Happy Birthday to all o'yous!
Fredrick Lucas on February 24, 2016 7:19 AM
Ken Kendrick was a member of PHS '61. The family lived a block away from  where I lived on Forest Street. He has donated five million dollars to WVU.

Recently Lions Internatioal donated $298, 000 to the College of Medicine  at WVU to study eye diseases related to diabetes and macular degeneration. 

Students and faculty at the University of Texas can now carry firearms. That wasn't clear in my last post. No university in the Cincinnati metro area allows students or faculty to carry firearms. Fred
Fredrick Lucas on February 24, 2016 8:14 AM
Ken isn't his given name. It's Earl G. Kendrick . He was born in 1943 according to his biography. Mike there is an old joke. How many librarians does it take to change a lightbulb. The answer is look it up.

Carl on February 24, 2016 9:22 AM
Ahh, how I love the Name Game.  "Father" Kendrick was known by his name, Earl.  His two sons were known by the nicknames Ken & Rick, as in Kendrick.  With that kind of cleverness in the family, is it any wonder that Ken grew to such success?
Mike Murphy on February 24, 2016 11:48 AM
Carl - my memory is not as good as it never was but I do distinctly remember Ken (Earl?) mentioning that he did not graduate PHS, but cannot remember details? anywho his contributions to WVU are great and should be saluted.
Keep the faith
Carl on February 24, 2016 12:00 PM
Murph, the best I can figure is that his acceptance at WVU must have been a legacy benefit.  Anyway, the lack of a high school diploma didn't seem to hinder him -- any more than my matriculating at nine (9) colleges did anything for me.
Mike Murphy on February 24, 2016 12:28 PM
Carl - Best I can remember he said he graduated from a private/military high school?

Carl on February 24, 2016 1:29 PM
Then I'm reckoning that either 1) he spent his senior year with Donald Trump or 2) you were talking to a Kendrick impersonator. 
[You didn't invest with his fast-funds company, did you?]
geno on February 24, 2016 2:04 PM
Mike & CARL, I got my name from my uncles, one was named Prince the other was named Eugene, whose nick name was "fuzz", it will amuse you that  was known as the "fuzzy prince" for Many of my  young years. developed a sense of humor after I found out I couldn't stop the teasing any other way, now when people ask me if I'm really a Prince I say of course I used to be a frog til I got kissed.
Fredrick Lucas on February 24, 2016 2:05 PM
Carl and Mike, 

On May 12, 2006 Jim Nelson wrote a story about Ken Kendrick growing up in Princeton. In the article he stated that Ken graduated from PHS. If your memory fails Mike get verification from another source. Fred
Carl on February 24, 2016 2:38 PM
J. Fred, you read my mind!  I was just fixin' to tell Mike that I'd given the mystery every molecule of brain power that
I had, and if he still needed answers I would recommend you. 
In this instance, I'm proud to have been pre-empted. 
[Now are you quite sure of your source?]

Tracy French on February 24, 2016 3:58 PM
Earl Kendricks was a sheriff in Mercer County.    I also remember Ken being in the class of 1961.  I also heard that Ken had a lot to do with Rich Rod coming to WV as coach and he tried to persuade him not to leave when he went to Michigan.

Geno:  What happened to Reno?

Ched:  Happy Birthday!
Fredrick Lucas on February 24, 2016 8:47 PM
Carl the article by Jim Nelson appeared in the Daily Telegraph. Jim featured the sporting activities  at PHS in which Ken took part. He also played baseball in a summer league where his coach was Joe Thorn.

The article is still online. Fred
Mike Murphy on February 24, 2016 9:17 PM
Fred- Based on your illustrous advice I have further researched Ken Earl Kendrick -He was pictured in the 1960 yearbook as a Junior. I do not have a 1961 yearbook so perhaps someone who does can check if he graduated PHS. I read all of his wikipedia and alumni and other posts and all say he was born in Princeton in 1943, but none indicated he graduated from PHS. However I do remember him telling me he did not grad from PHS. I am not a member of facebook so cannot check that. Perhaps Mr. Nelson assumed like most that he was a PHS Grad? But if you verified it it has to be true?
feel so much safer now that BHO is trying to close Gitmo - What an idiot! Gitmo is probally the only thing that was done perfectly after 911! And it is needed more than ever now.
Keep the faith
Cookie on February 24, 2016 9:39 PM
Could someone just call Arizona and ask him????????????
Fredrick Lucas on February 25, 2016 10:04 AM
According to his biography Ken Kendrick had prostate cancer. He is now a survivor of prostate cancer.

Recently, I decided to read the book "The Female Brain " by Dr. Louann Brizendine. She is a neuropsychiatrist who lives in the San Francisco area with her husband and son.

In the book she discusses how women and girls are affected by the mensural cycle, and menapause. She discusses how men and women decide the person with whom they wish to partner. Men and women look for different attributes in the opposite gender. A good read.

Mike, I lived a block away from Ken . I saw him on a regular basis in Princeton in 1961. I was a student at Concord at that time. My  WVU experience occurred in 1966-69. I taught at Blacksburg High during the 67-68 school year. I returned to WVU in 1968 and received the MA in '69.
Carl on February 25, 2016 10:53 AM
Well Cookie, this is another fine mess you've gotten me into.  Not only did Ken not return my several calls, I've just been served with a restraining order and the warning that I might be considered a stalker.
Ched on February 25, 2016 10:27 AM
Thanks  for  the birthday wishes !
Cookie on February 25, 2016 11:30 AM
I have no words!
Mike Murphy on February 25, 2016 1:36 PM
Charleston Gazette today "Barbour County Windmill Company Fined $30.000 for killing migratory Birds" What does the Government want?? 

Carl - Keep up the good work!
geno-alias reno on February 25, 2016 2:15 PM
I ALMOST FORGOT ABOUT RENO, Tracy I got that moniker from playing cards, lost all my money in acard game some of the guys thought that was so funny to hang that moniker on me, I'm glad I ended my gambling, I would probably be wearing nothing but a barrel if I hadn't, quit gambling, dropped the Reno.
Pete Stephenson on February 26, 2016 11:39 AM
Geno.When i was in service I came to one very important conclusion.(A gamblers money never has a home)As Carl and Tracy can acess that a lot of guys would play cards on payday and loose all their pay check.borrow money at a rate of 2 to one and the next day would be bumming cigaretts for the next two weeks.Some guys made good money..
Ched on February 26, 2016 2:48 PM
I never was much of  a  gambler. Just  wanted  to keep my hard  earned  $$
Carl on February 26, 2016 2:57 PM
Yep, you gotta know when to fold 'em.  [And even not to pick 'em up at all.]
geno on February 26, 2016 3:42 PM
Mike IO forgot to answer your question"what does the governm,ent want"? Ans. all they want , your allegiance, money, property and ass-ets
Fredrick Lucas on February 26, 2016 5:52 PM
Although there are three casinos in the metro area, I have never gambled in any of them. There are several chapters of Gamblers Anonymous chapters in the area.

Jeno, if you have such a problem you might join a chapter.

From time to time, I think of folks who worship in the snake handlers church in Jolo. Other states where these churches exist have banned the practice. Why? If a husband and wife with children are bitten by the snakes and die, the children become orphaned and the state doesn't want that. Geno states have a right to protect innocent children. Personally, snakes are a part of nature and eat rodents. They should be left alone. Fred


Tracy French on February 26, 2016 5:53 PM

I am a roving gambler, I’ve gambled all around and
Whenever I see a deck of cards I lay my money down,
Lay my money down, lay my money down…..

Actually I liked the one armed bandits best but I haven't played any of those since I left the Army in 1966.

Carl:  Do you remember Dick Preservati and his card games at Ft. Jackson?


Carl on February 26, 2016 10:46 PM
Tracy, I remember Dickie Preservati well and grew to know and like him during our time at Ft. Jackson. Being in a different platoon, I wasn't aware of his poker playing.  I understand that he returned to the Pctn. area and did alright for himself.  I hold fond memories.

Tracy French on February 26, 2016 6:11 PM
Fred:  I can see how you relate gambling to the snake handlers at Jolo.  The last person I know of that died from being bitten by a snake during a church service happened at Matoaka 3,4 or 5 years ago.  I attend a meeting occasionally the first Monday of every month that includes pastors and members of around 30 churches in the area and we have one pastor who practices the snake handling and has been bitten several times.
Mike Murphy on February 27, 2016 12:02 PM
Tracy - I went to Voc school with kids from Matoaka and later Taught Them at Voc School. The Mills boys were always wanting to fight, Also Joey Fuda was in my classes and went on to replace me as teacher at MCVTS, unfortunately he passed 2 years ago RIP. The kids from that area were hard workers and from coal mining families. I imagine since coal mining has subsided the town is depressed?
To each his own on worshiping, but I don't care much for snakes! or the literal interperation of the Bible. What is your take?
Keep the faith
geno on February 27, 2016 2:02 PM
My,oh my, how this blog doth run on, what a mind fredo to go from a deck of cards to a viper's fangs, I suppose subconsiously you equated the sin of gambling to the serpent in the garden of Eden, you probably weren't aware of it, ol' geno will lend his trained mental ability to unravel the deep dark recesses of your mind, lie down on a couch and talk it all out, sometimes I just have a heated argument with myself, why one day I got into such a heated arguement with myself, I found myself with my own hands around my throat trying to choke myself, How did I stop it you say, I just said "stop in the name of the law".
Ched on February 27, 2016 6:09 PM
 I am an advocate of vocational and  technical  schools. Skilled maintenance jobs pay well in industry. I know as my work in industry was  to be in charge of plant  engineering  and maintenance. Highly skilled maintenance  techs  are in short supply and industry relies heavily on  the ex service folks  from mostly the US Navy  as much of  their  training  transfers well to industry. A few of  the Jr  Collleges in Tennessee  are now  offering excellent   training  now.... we need more !!! Not  everyone needs  a 4 year  degree !!!

Tracy French on February 28, 2016 7:28 PM
Mike:  The Scripture you refer to is Mark 16: 18 but one must also include verse 17 with it to understand the meaning.  Following are the two verses.  Mark 16: 17-18 (17) And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;  (18) They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.
My take on this is:  The 4 things listed that believers will be able to do are gifts of The Spirit and were given to the Disciples just before Christ ascended to Heaven.  The gifts are not available for their use (or ours) at will but are available at God’s will. Also, they are not the only gifts of The Spirit.  In the verses of Chapter 16 leading up to 17 Christ has risen from the grave and when the disciples hear about it they do not believe.  (Mark 16: 11 And they, when they had heard that he was alive, and had been seen of her, believed not.)  Though the disciples had seen Jesus do many miracles (walking on water, healing the sick, blind, etc) they did not believe He had been raised from the dead.  Remember doubting Thomas, he wouldn’t believe until he had seen and touched.
Now with that being said, over in the Book of Acts we see the disciples doing all of these things.  I have not been given the gift to do any of these except that I have been able to pray for a few people (very few) and lay my hands on them and anoint them and they have recovered.  It is The Spirit that prompts me to do it.  I would love to be able to do it all the time but the truth is, I can’t.  I have heard people speak in tongues and I have heard people interpret what they said but I cannot say if it was authentic because I was not given the interpretation myself.  I have never seen anyone pick up a snake in a religious worship service nor have I seen anyone drink poison.  It is quite possible that some people have those gifts today but I am sure they would be used only at GOD’S WILL.
When approached by someone wanting to know about this particular Scripture I usually quote the following 2 verses: 2 Timothy 2: 15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.  And the other one is: Matthew 4: 7 Jesus said unto him,(satan) It is written again, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.
I have no reason to believe that people who practice these things are lost but for me I will not tempt the LORD and I will do my very best to divide His Word so that I can use it in a way that pleases Him.
Pete:  A belated Happy Birthday!
FredrickOrethodox Lucas on February 29, 2016 6:52 AM

The main body of the Pentacostal Holiness Church has condemned the snake handling practice. The pracyice violates the law inTennessee, Virginia,  Kentucky and Alabama.

No Jewish group practices snake handling. 

Tracy French on February 29, 2016 11:40 AM
Fred:  I know of only 2 churches that practice the snake handling and both of them are a branch of the Pentacostal Holiness.  I know lots and lots of Pentacostal Holiness members and I have nothing against any of their worship ptactices.  Even the ones I know from the snake handling churches are good people who try their best to please God.  But as I said, I do not personally believe in it nor would I introduce any of that practice to my congregation.  I would not allow anyone to come to my church and present that practice.

In Mullens we have a unique Ministerial Association and the last Sunday of the month we have a joint evening service followed by a meal.  We rotate pastors preaching in other than their home church and it gives us pastors a chance to speak to different denominations and it gives the members a chance to see how others worship.  We all have one thing in common and that is our belief in Jesus Christ.  Within the group we have 3 different beliefs in taking Communion but that has not been a hinderance to any of our services.
Mike Murphy on February 29, 2016 12:53 PM
Tracy - Thank you for your insite to the scripture and your thoughts on snake handling, as usual I admire you and your beliefs, your are a great Minister and friend. Also your tolerance of those who practice more stringent interpretations (misguided in my opionion) is appreciated. To each his own as long as it dosen't hurt others I say, or each to his own poision. Unfortunately to some it becomes a contest of beliefs?

Thank you for keeping the faith

Ched on February 29, 2016 2:03 PM
Tracy, Great insight ! I appreciate  your thoghts and  your tolerance  for others.  I attend the historic First Presbyterian church in Hendersonville TN. We take  communion by intinction which I  like. We  each  come  forward tear off a peice of the bread  and  dip it n  the  cup. Very moving  experience  for me !
Fredrick Lucas on March 1, 2016 6:24 AM

You and Geno want me to convert to your belief that Jesus is God. I can't do that. No Jew was ever proclaimed a God by the Jews. The Emperor Constantine created the Nicene Council in the fourth century of the common era . He told the council to devise a common system of beliefs concerning Christianity since there were a number of different practices. 

The Council decided that Jesus was to become a God. Two men objected saying that Jesus was a natural man. They were exiled. By decree Jesus became God.  There is no biological evidence to support this conclusion. Now Jesus is God the Father. God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. 

I like you guys but the idea that Mary was impregnated by God just doesn't jive with DNA. Peace Fred
Mike Murphy on March 1, 2016 7:39 PM
Fred - Don't worry about it?
Keep the Faith

Tracy French on March 2, 2016 11:08 AM
We had a good class meeting at Ryan's last night.  I didn't count the number of people but I would guess about 20 were there.

Fred:  I would love to see you accept Jesus Christ and so would Geno and a lot more of your friends than you probably realize.  Accepting or rejecting Christ in your life is the most important decision you will ever make.  If you choose to reject Christ, that is your decision and though it concerns me very much I accept your decision and I do not think your decision or mine should have any bearing on our friendship.  I enjoy blogging with everyone, including you, and it has never been my purpose to ofend anyone.

Perhaps one day we can sit down and I will share my testimony with you.  I have had some experiences in life were God has been very real to me, almost as real as if I could reach out and touch Him.  I would not want anyone to go through the painful experiences I have had in life but I do wish that everyone could see the end result.  All of us have had experiences that are painful and we have all had experiences where there was joy unspeakable.  Looking at these experiences through the eyes of God make us keenly aware of The Holy Spirit in our lives.

Becky Novarro on March 2, 2016 11:26 AM
Last night's dinner was filled with laughter and a few sad stories regarding our classmates.  We are such a lucky group to have stayed so close all these years.  BTW, Darla, you and Johnny were missed.
Anyone going to the Sensational Sixties?  Get in touch with Darla if interested.
geno on March 2, 2016 7:58 PM
Well said Tracey, I also would not want to offend any one, I was once like Fred had a lot of people praying and witnessing to me when I was running wild and drinking so much, I was knocked for a loop when I met Jesus 28 yrs old at the time. I remember when Mr. Fuller died he was on his deathbed, son sitting by, raised up in the bed and said "son I won't be here long now" his son told him "dad, you've had these spells before, you'll be alright" his dad looked at him and said "boy, don't you see all these angels round my bed." Mr. Fuller was a godly man and I had the honor to be a pallbearer at his funeral. I cannot articulate what happened, but I can attest it was an honor. Since that time it would take volumes to share all the things I have witnessed, it is a supernatural walk with the Lord, it's not religion it's a relationship. I pray everyone gets to experience it.

Tracy French on March 2, 2016 8:08 PM
Geno:  I hear quite often about angels being all around the room when a Godly person dies.  Some stories are truly amazing.  If you've ever have the opportunity to hear Buddy Farris' testimony it will make chills go up your back.  In one part of the testimony he tells about an old feeble man as he begins to die.  He had a reputation for being very mean and had rejected Christ all his life.  In his last few moments of life it takes 8 people to hold him down as he screams for someone to get his feet out of the fire.  Buddy ends his testimony with the story of his grandmother as she dies and the room filled with angels and Christ.  I have a copy of the testimony if you would like to hear it.
geno on March 3, 2016 12:49 PM
Tracey, thanks already heard, have you heard about Dr. Mary Neal? Look on internet just type in Dr. Mary neal.

Tracy French on March 4, 2016 12:33 PM
Geno:  I checked it out.  It's great.
geno on March 4, 2016 4:04 PM
Tracey, did you hear or see anything on the ISIS leaders who converted to Christianity? I heard part of one's testimony on television, he has had to flee, ISIS put a death warrant out on him, didn't hear but the last part of his testimony, he said Jesus revealed himself to him, and he knows Jesus is the Messiah. I have been trying to find his testimony and have not been successful.
Mike Murphy on March 6, 2016 12:25 PM
Carl - How about a poem to cheer us up?

Pete - Have they cut you?

Keep the faith
Carl on March 6, 2016 2:55 PM
Murf, while our minds are in sync, my recent attempts at poetic uplift have merely made me depressed.  With my focus being absorbed by current political events, my "higher" muse has fled, leaving me solely to her lower-order counterpart.  I won't inflict the result of that collaboration on my good PHS60 friends.  I suggest that you crank up Chuck Berry.

Tracy French on March 6, 2016 8:38 PM
Geno:  Haven't heard anything about any ISIS conversion to Christianity but that's not likely to be on the news.

Murph:  I'm not any good at the poetry thing  but I do have a suggestion for a new Trump campaign slogan that might cheer you up and maybe Carl can do something with it and the name Trump and send it on to Washington.


Mike Murphy on March 7, 2016 1:05 PM
So sad to hear that our Earl is depressed.
While all who know his articulate skills are impressed.
We must depart from snakes and concussions
to praise his name in moderating our blog discussions.
While IT royality precedes his noble presence
he spouts his verbage marked with Tiger essence.
Today along with Peyton he assends to the heights of PHS 60 station without inflation.
Long live the Earl of poeticers.  

I approve this message
Your Lasting Friend

Carl on March 7, 2016 3:52 PM
You've lifted the veil.

Tracy French on March 11, 2016 9:26 AM
The Trump Express is loading passengers bound for Washington.  All Aboard?

Mike Murphy on March 11, 2016 12:34 PM
Can you believe that Hil and Bern are campaigning for Black Life Matters votes against the Police! Perhaps they should stop guarding them at their rallies?

Tracy - Rubio, Cruz or Trump In November will be great? I think Hillary will be indited but not prosecuted and still run. Poor old Bern can't get a break.  

WV Legislature is on the move, I plan to put Death Penality in someone's ear for next yrs session.

Fred - In May you can conceal carry without a permit in WV. Disassimble it until you get across the river. O bye the way did you know that WV and Kentucky own every inch of the Ohio River?

Keep the faith
Fredrickwg Lucas on March 11, 2016 9:02 PM
Tracy, here in Ohio, a number of parents are refusing to allow their children to watch the Republican debates because Trump's language is coarse and he is crude tekking reporters to shut up and ridiculing women,  a disabled reporter, stereotyping Mexicans as rapists, refusing to allow members of the Islamic faith to enter the country. 

What if members of your congregation spoke as Trump has spoken? Would you refuse to allow children and grandchildren to hear crude talk?

Mike, when any state tells people that they can buy a weapon with no background check and no training, they are asking for trouble. What would happen if a disgruntled university student decided to kill his biology teacher and other class members? Ohio hasn't gone that far. Folks in this state need to pass a background check and be trained on the firearm before they can legally own the gun. Fred
Cookie on March 11, 2016 10:35 PM
UH!  Wasn't it Rubio that first brought up "timbers?"  Is timbers a dirty word?????
If my grandchildren watched the Democratic debates I'd take them down a little historic memory lane beginning with Rose Law Firm and ending with Benghazi.  Then I'd show them a film clip of Bernie's 1960s arrest and his Volkswagon bus.  
It must be very lonely on the moral highground.

Carl on March 12, 2016 12:03 AM
How 'bout them 'eers?
What a finish against Oklahoma, and the good guys won.  WOW!!!
Mike Murphy on March 12, 2016 10:25 AM
Fred - There is a difference between buying and concealed carry. Us poor hillbillies do know the difference.

So sorry you have to listen to rough words, that of course you have never uttered? I guess you are proud that Move on dot org organized violent protesters to shut down Trumps rally in Chicago?

Keep the faith
Ched on March 12, 2016 11:31 AM
All gun sales from  firearms dealers require background  checks regardless of  state. It is a  federal statute.  Concealed  carry is a  completely diffwerent  thing. The  second  ammendment  says EXACTLY  what it  says ..... no room  for reinterpretation !!!!

Tracy French on March 12, 2016 1:31 PM
Fred:  I am in full agreement with the way protesters have been treated by Trump.  They need to be told to get out when they interrupt an event where people have come to hear what solutions he offers to today's mis-government.  What treatment do you think a group of prolifers would get if they walked into an abortion clinic in the middle of an abortion holloring "little lives matter" and disrupt the doctor.

Carl on March 12, 2016 1:53 PM
With thanks to Jesse Colin Young, I say
"Come on people now, smile on your brother,
Everybody get together, try to love one another right now."

Go Mountaineers this evening!

Tracy French on March 12, 2016 2:04 PM
Fred:  I hit the wrong key when a telephone call interrupted my response.

As for people not allowing their children and grandchildren to listen to Trump because of his crude manners and coarse language.  I wonder how they handle the situation like the evening news when they break for a Viagra commercial or a Victoria's Secret Commercial.  Even family movies have people jumping in and out of bed like fleas on a dog.

As for the person like Trump in the congregation.  It is not uncommon.  You ought to come to a session meeting sometimes when tempers flair or when someone takes a stand on a controversial issue.

On the weapons issue:  Fred, when my son was murdered he was killed by a boy who should have been in prison at the time but he wasn't.  He had already been convicted of 2 seperate felonies, 1 in WV and 1 in NC.  He could not get a permit, he could not buy a weapon so he had his brother (who is in law enforcement) get a gun for him.  He didn't need a permit to kill my son.  After serving 17 years of a life sentenance he was parolled last month and back in Princeton.  Still doesn't have a permit and most likely won't be able to get one.  I wish my son would have had a concealed weapon on him with or without a permit.

Delores on March 12, 2016 2:14 PM
Dearest brother Carl~~"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

Brother Tracy always amazes me with his insight, patience and common sense and I so enjoy his posts.  I always try to be a better person after I read them.  

As for the Trumpster~~look for his polling numbers to go through the ceiling.

Sometimes you just have to stand up for something.  I'm standing!!!!!
Carl on March 12, 2016 2:22 PM
Cookie darlin', if it weren't for my insanity, I wouldn't be able to cope.  Lacking the wisdom, clarity and insight of Cincinnatus, I'm guided by the Beetles, somewhat paraphrased: "All you need is love, . . . and a flagon of wine."

Tracy French on March 12, 2016 2:16 PM
Carl:  That was a great game last night but in all fairness I do believe that Buddy Hield should have been given 1.99999 points for the shot because he was only off by less than .1 second and Huggins was in charge of the clock.

The Mountaineers did not seem to be over joyous over the win, they seemed to be in shock over having a call go in their favor.  Page and Carter done a tremendous job in keeping Hield in check all night.  If we meet them in the NCAA tournament it will be interesting to see what Huggins comes up with to hold him down again.
Becky Novarro on March 12, 2016 3:43 PM
Tracy, you surely don't want the 'eers to lose!  That ending was a heart stopper.
Let's hope the team beats Kansas.  They did it once.  
Note to Fred:  Most people just turn off their tv's when something offends them. Why add fuel to the fire.  Rudeness = rudeness.

Tracy French on March 12, 2016 8:38 PM
Becky:  The only time I have wanted the 'eers to lose was when they were declared national champions for party school of the year back in 85-86 when my daughter was there.  If my memory serves me correct, I think they won the award the next year too.

Williams played like a champion tonight but it takes a whole team to win.  I hope we get another shot at Kansas in the final 4.

Carl on March 17, 2016 2:02 PM
Happy St. Patrick's Day
to all o' yous, Irish or otherwise.
Becky Novarro on March 17, 2016 5:12 PM
Anyone watching basketball?  FGCU....Florida Gulf Coast University which is about 15 miles from me won their first game and play North Carolina tonight.  Needless to say, they are going to have a hard game.  BTW, note to Fred Lucas, Austin Peay is playing Kansas....losing.  The sports reporter spoke of and showed a picture of Fly Williams, who Jim knew.  He was quite a character.
So glad Carl wished a Happy St. Paddy's....can't find a green beer anywhere in Princeton.  Don't we have any Irish here?
Mike Murphy on March 17, 2016 7:23 PM
May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind always be at your back, and until we meet again may God hold you in the palm of his hand!!
Happy St Patricks Day

Keep the faith
Michael Malone Murphy
Fredrick Lucas on March 18, 2016 10:24 AM
The voters in Ohio chose Governor Kasich as the Republican nominee.
Donald Trump took all of the counties that border the Ohio River and north to Pennsylvania. The governor won all of the major metropolitan areas: Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Toledo, Cleveland, Akron.The river counties are mostly rural or small town and economic prospects for residents are limited.

I spoke with Lacy Jones who is a native of Kenna. He retired several years ago . He was a math teacher at Princeton High School in Sharonville Ohio. He explained that most people who settle in Kenna are relatives of those who have lived there. Mike you are considered an outsider. You aren't a member of the first families of Kenna. You live midway between Charleston and Parkersburg.

Jones tells me that he is concerned about Trump. He didn't vote for him. Fred


Tracy French on March 18, 2016 12:44 PM
Fred:  Trump has already united the President, the Congress and the Senate.  This is probably the first time since our government was first formed that all the politicians in office have worked together in unision to support a political candidate.  They will even form a third party if that's what it takes to get their candidate elected.
Mike Murphy on March 18, 2016 1:00 PM
Fred - I appreciate your lesson on Kenna? As usuall not sure what the heck you are trying to prove?
At this point I support Cruz but would not be disappointed if Trump is Elected. We certainly need change and Trump will probably shake things up.
Becky - Did you find some green beverage?
Carol - Haven't heard from you lately - What is your take on primaries?
Carl - Hope your depression has eased. Is it to much to ask for a spring poem?
Keep the faith
Carl on March 18, 2016 1:16 PM
Here Murf, maybe I can help.
It sounds to me like Fred is channeling Penny (Holly Hunter) when she told Everett (George Clooney) in "O Brother, Where Art Thou," that
"you're not bonafide."  I hope you don't mind being compared to Clooney.
Becky Novarro on March 18, 2016 2:46 PM
To Mike:  No!  Nor a corned beef sandwich.  Maybe next year!
Fredrick Lucas on March 18, 2016 9:33 PM

Lacy was amazed that I would know someone from Kenna. Tracy, Trump has establishment Republicans concerned because he has alienated so many groups of people. Ched you were correct concerning concealed weapons in WV. Becky, I listened to Trump belittle Marco Rubio.I want to hear all perspectives from Bernie to Cruz.  Fred

Becky Novarro on March 20, 2016 9:09 AM
Fred, I don't participate in political conversations..  I am not as schooled as most of you.
To the Dillons in Florida.  Panama City had to be nicer with the bans on spring breakers.  Welcome to less hassle.  Being in WV I don't have to fight the traffic in Naples nor the lines at Publix.  Hope you had a good winter.
Today snow is predicted.  I now understand why my Mother used to tell me how pretty snowfalls are.....sitting in the living room!  
Happy Spring.

Darla on March 19, 2016 11:38 AM
FYI  Frances Moody passed away...her obit is on Seaver Funeral Home website -- just copy and paste the following:


Mike Murphy on March 21, 2016 2:30 PM
Arf, Arf, Arf, Arf!
Just heard Hillary telling the Jewish people that she would keep them safe?
Keep the Truth
Cookie on March 21, 2016 3:46 PM
Ambassador Stevens could not be reached for comment.

Carl on March 22, 2016 2:29 PM
Upcoming Birthdays:
Pam Spangler Sullivan - March 25
Gail Wiggins Bowling  -  March 30
Jim George - March 31

Happy Birthday you three.

Ched on March 23, 2016 7:19 PM
Happy Birthday Pam, Gail and  JK !!!!
 Many more  to all !!!
Fredrick Lucas on March 24, 2016 9:00 PM
Spring has arrived although the snow has returned to Wisconsin and Minnesota. People are planting flowers here and getting ready for cutting grass. Students at universities will graduate in May and high school students will graduate in June. Some will enter universities to replace those who graduate. Others will go to vocational school to learn a trade.

 Yesterday, I greeted a boy who was five months old. Today, I saw a two year boy kiss a two year old girl.Life goes on .

I want to remember Frances Moody whose music brought joy to our lives. There are new choir directors at PHS and Fairmont State where she later taught. The beat goes on. Fred
Carl on March 25, 2016 11:28 AM

Thanks Fred. Your closing comment, "The beat goes on," reminds me of Sonny Bono [he of Sonny & Cher]. I believe that bono means "good" in Italian. The variant buona sera means "good night." Buona sera reminds me of "Que sera, sera," made famous by Doris Day, although I don’t think she’s Italian. But in her movies she was as looksome as a wholesome, girl-next-door-type Sophia Loren . . . and a much better singer. Before her film career, Doris Day became a big band singer in 1939, the year that most film historians believe is the greatest year ever for American movies, including "The Wizard of Oz" which co-starred Bert Lahr as the Cowardly Lion -- one of my favorite characters. Note that Bert Lahr has the same number of letters in his name as Doris Day, who is a much better singer. [Sorry, I’ve already made that point.] In recent decades, Doris has dedicated herself to animal welfare, including 1000s of cats, but no lions – brave or cowardly – so far as I know. Coincidentally, her birthday is April 3 when she will turn 92. Fredo, she was born in Cincinnati. Small world, huh? Pardon me if I went to rambling a bit there, but I believe in the old saying, "Cher and Cher alike." Keep smiling. Enjoy Spring.  ;-)

Mike Murphy on March 25, 2016 12:23 PM
Carl - when I first type on this blog it is reversed until I delete and start again? Have we been Hillaried?
Trivia - Doris and Jerry West used to deap sea fish together. Jerry now has a steak resturant at the Greenbrier. The next time you are in the area you can take me?
Happy Easter


Tracy French on March 26, 2016 10:50 AM
I googled "Que, sera, sera" and found lots of interesting reading and also this meaning of the words: 

Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be) -...,_Sera_(Whatever_Will_Be,_Will_Be)

"Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)", first published in 1956, is a .... �� �个�, which literally means "The future is a mystery Journey", was recorded in ...

A mystery journey indeed!


Tracy French on March 26, 2016 3:54 PM
I talked to Pete Stephenson a while ago and he said he is doing very well after having both knees replaced and he plans to be at the next class dinner at Ryans.
Tom Dillon on March 26, 2016 4:28 PM
Hope everyone has a very nice Easter. Enjoy your family and friends and remember the significance of the day.
Fredrick Lucas on March 26, 2016 11:12 PM
Several of the class are concerned that climate change is taking place as a result of the excess burining of fossil fuels. According to NASA the following professional societies have expressed similar concerns. The American Chemical Society, American Geophysical Union, American Meterological Society, American Geological Society, U.S.National Academy of Sciences. Please feel free to go on line and read their statements of concern.

Ninety seven percent of climate scientists are also concerned as is the Sierra Club. Fred
Carl on March 27, 2016 11:08 AM
J. Fred, with your encouragement, I've been wracking/racking my brain trying to figure a way to do my tiny part in combating global warming.  I've decided to set my thermostat at 60 degrees this summer, open a couple of windows to let some cool air out in an effort to help reduce the global temperature.  Admittedly, Joan & I will have to wear our woolen undergarments year-round, but it seems that's the least we can do.  Whattya think?

Ched on March 27, 2016 12:13 PM
Happy Easter to all and  remember.... Its not about  the bunny !!
 We recorded and  watched ( last evening) Tyler Perry's "Passion" a wonderful musical done live in New Orleans. If  any of  you saw it, iI'm sure  you  would  agree !!

 Pete:  I'm glad  your knee  surgery went  well. The  rehab is  a bit lengthy I'm told  but well worth it in the  end.
 I talked  to Bob Lambert  this AM. He  said his  knees  were  replaced  a  while  back and is now  fine .

 All the best.... !!!
Mike Murphy on March 27, 2016 1:24 PM
Several- Are you concerned about the thousands of WV coal miners who are not able to dress their kids up this Easter? Perhaps you and Sierra can contribute to their welfare?
Mcdowell Co has the lowest population in 100 yrs, due mainly to several concerned's war on coal. At one time McDowell had a larger population than the state of Florida.
Carl - I think we should send John Kerry and James Taylor to India and China to sing you've got a freind rather than cut off several's lights?
What a Gad Fly!
Happy Easter
Pete - get well soon!!
geno on March 27, 2016 3:31 PM
Fred, read read read, there ARE MORE THAN 243,000 SCIENTISTS THAT disagree with global warming, why do you thionk the govt. is pushing to pass laws to make it illegal to talk against global warming, how come none of Russian scientists agree with it, all the agencies you mention are govt. controlled, true science does not run on govt. cvontrols, wake up before they make a zombie out of you.
Fredrick Lucas on March 27, 2016 6:52 PM
Geno, the organizations that NASA has made public think that the burning of fossil fuels world wide has contributed to temperature increases and more violent storms.

Geno, these organizations have done research into the problem. Physicians are concerned about health problems related to smog for example. More cases of asthma have occurred.

Believe what you want my friend but the problem is there. Fred
geno on March 28, 2016 2:16 PM
The only problem is in the advertising, put a thermometer up and measure the temps where you live, check it out your self.
geno on March 29, 2016 1:51 PM
Fred, global warming is failing yesterday was colder than the day before and it was 40 this moprning, so its not working again today. Maybe it broke, cycles break you know. I had a bicycle one time and it broke also.

Tracy French on March 29, 2016 9:06 PM
A couple of views on global warming:

Genesis 8: 22 While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.


Revelation 8: 7 The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up.

geno on March 30, 2016 2:07 PM
God always says it best!!!!!

Carl on March 31, 2016 10:32 AM
Well . . . true to the adage, March is going out like a lamb.  Can April showers be far behind?  Like June, Spring in F'burg is bustin' out all over.  I hear tell that the same's true in Mercer County.  Hope all my old PHS60 pals are well and happy, like Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are. 
If not, at least try to put on a happy face.  Gotta run; I've used up my daily quota of strained references and stale phrases.     MAGFAY
54 on April 1, 2016 9:22 AM
Donald J Trump is cool!
April Fool!!
Feel the Bern
Carl on April 1, 2016 12:26 PM

Sometimes my rhymes border on ghoulish,
despite all my might to be coolish,
but I struggle on
and sincerely atone
hen I can. I'm again April Foolish.

Pete Stephenson on April 2, 2016 8:32 PM
pete here.Thanks all for your thoughts and prayers,during my knee surgery.It was a lot of pain and still is.I was released from rehab yesterday to the confines of my wife Linda and my home here in the wild and wonderful.My healing is coming along great.I will start my out patient therapy this coming Monday.Tommie G. and Joe H. were two of my visitors while in PCH.Enjoy those two.Once again thanks all for your prayers and concerns for me.Faith,Hope and Love to all of you.
Mike Murphy on April 3, 2016 12:39 PM
Pete - Hope your new wheels are OK? Get well soon.
Speaking of wheels - I was reading consumer reports on self driving cars. What about the joy of driving?
Also was reading in Smithsonian about two black holes coliding and creating dark energy gravitational waves? Makes my head heart. But Tracy it doesen't seem quite as daunting as interpreting the scriptures you quoted?  How do you handle it?
Keep the faith

Carl on April 4, 2016 9:47 AM
April brings us the following PHS60 birthdays:

Becki Smith Canterberry - April 7
Carol Wyrick Martin - April 12
Darla Winfrey Pitzer - April 15
Brenda Martin Sword - April 25
Michael Farley - April 29

May they all be happy ones.
Fredrick Lucas on April 4, 2016 6:15 PM

I was interested that you neglect to read statements about concerns for global warming from leading scientific societies in favor of a statement from Genesis and Romans.

The ancient Hebrews didn't spend time in the Arctic region. The Inuit who have lived there for thousands of years have found that as the ice melts in the Arctic, their homes have shifted as the land turns to mush. The natives have also reported that the ice is thin during the summer , They can no longer walk on ice to hunt for food. Several men have died when they fell through the ice. They have also noticed that polar bears no longer spend time on the ice searching for food. They are now on the land.

Also Tracy, the Inuit have a story about the after life. Each person who dies goes into a rock canoe. If the canoe sinks to the bottom of the lake that indicates that the person is evil . He/she will spend eternity in ice water. A good person will go to an enchanted island where he/she will continue to live as they had done in the past.

The Hebrews didn't have an industrial revolution which involves burning fossil fuels. 


Ched on April 4, 2016 7:24 PM
The  acrtic Ice is possibly reducing  but  the  antarctic ice is increasing so what is  the net  effect?  The  debate  goes on !!!
Cookie on April 4, 2016 11:25 PM
I'm more concerned about the woman from Beckley, West Virginia who called into the national syndicated Mark Levin's talk show tonight talking about the plight of the West Virginia coalminers.  I called Mark and told him to let her know "no worry" there is a retraining program--they can all move to California--work at McDonalds for $15 an hour. 
Mike Murphy on April 5, 2016 3:34 PM
Fred- Perhaps you and your liberal serria frends could relocate to Capricorn and be happier? But then you couldn't wage your war on fossil fuels and poor ignorant WV coal miners!
Perhaps 8 years of Trump is exactly what is needed to combat the PC Government Toads?
Cookie - The poor coal miners are just incidental casulaties to the Libs and their causes. They can be retrained and bribed to be followers of the Sorrows utopia, where we take in each others laundry as the basis of the economy.
Tracy - Now you are responsible for all the Inuites woes. Where did you go wrong?
Ched - was copter crash near your cabin? I envy you for having a cabin retreat. I always wanted one, but never could afford.
Keep the Faith
Keep the faith 
Ched on April 5, 2016 3:45 PM
The copter crash  was not near our cabin  but was  close  to a  friends  residence. .....So  sad because  many of  the victims were  simply on vacation looking  forward  to spectacular  views of  the "creation".
Copters are not as  safe  as  fixed  wing  aircraft in my opinion as  there  are  fewer options in the case of problems !
geno on April 5, 2016 4:49 PM
On the news last evening they reported 10,000 folks have left the democrat party, changing their registration to another affilliation, I am not alone. This was W.V. state news.  just saying. Fred the ice may be melting some where but it is freezing in the northeast. Maybe the polar bers will move here. You folks would probably create legislation making it illegal for polar bears to live in New York city, come to think of it , once the bears got a whiff of it thjey would voluntarily leave of their own accord, might make bears smarter than some folks.
Fredrick Lucas on April 5, 2016 6:11 PM
Mike and Cookie, 

I gave you a list of reputable scientific associations who have expressed concerns about global warming and climate change. If you choose to ignore them , that's up to you. 

Are either of you aware that in McDowell County the average lifespan for a man is is 63.7 years which is the lowest in the nation. The average lifespan for a man living in West Virginia is 72 years. Why is that? West Virginia is the only state to lose population between 2010 to 2015. Many people want to live elsewhere. The Republicans in the legislature can't pass a budget. Mike you and Geno and the others who live in WVa need to fix these problems. Fred
Cookie on April 5, 2016 9:08 PM



Ched on April 5, 2016 10:56 PM
WV is a beautiful  state and like  any other  state or city has pockets of poverty but,. WV has  a low  crime  rate:  look at  Chicago homicides  are way up year on year.
The liberal feds have succeeded in destroying  the coal industry FACT !!!
Technology has made  clean coal a viable  source.
geno on April 6, 2016 8:27 AM
Fred, let me tell you about my son, May of last year his  knee became almost useless when he tore a ligament in it, he worked with that problem until Oct., could not stand it any more went to a doctor who examined it with an mri, declared he needed a knee replacement, needless to say he was off from work, during this time the company he worked for sold out to a larger company, his boss called him on the phone and urged him to get a release from the doctor so that he could get introduced to the new org. and orientation of their policies etc. he did and attended the 2 day orientation meeting, the next day he was released from this new company who advised him they did not employ any injured employees, so being without work he was also without insurance, he finally found a job took about 3 weeks, secured employmen, but had 30 day probation period until his insurance would be activated, meanwhile he had to return to his doctor for treatment of his knee, no insurance, under this new Obama care, our illustrious goverment has issued him a fine of 600 dollars for not having insurance, is this or is this not an absurdity. Obama says our greatest threat this nation faces is climate change, Isis just released a threat that the west will be targeted with a major terroist attack, and "they will see the power of Isis" their words not mine, people like you are buying into this climate change and ignoring what is really our biggest threat. Incidentally, did you know, DSA, our new democrat party, has almost the same identical doctrine as the Nazi party of the Hitrler regime? I will guarantee 60 to 90 percent of the democrats in this country dont know or understand the significance of this, while people are ranting about this nonsence of climate change our country crumbles from within.
Fredrick Lucas on April 6, 2016 8:37 AM
Ched, You never site any sources. You ubly give your opinion.Rather sad. Fred
Mike Murphy on April 6, 2016 10:08 AM
Fred - What do Geno and I and the other residents of WV need to do to correct the problems you enumerate?
Ched on April 6, 2016 5:06 PM
 I seen o nned  to cite( not site) sources. Do your own research just google "inreased murder  rates in  Chicago" or  similar inquiry and  see what pops up
Cookie on April 6, 2016 10:13 AM
Geno gets the prize.  

Cookie on April 6, 2016 10:17 AM
Why don't we talk about hat is the mid-west doing to fix the Rust Belt?????

My trip down the Ohio River last summer on the American Queen was a real eye-opener.  Factory after factory and power plant after power plant closed because of EPA/Government regulations. Lost jobs by the thousands.   Not my words but those of the lecturer.
Carl on April 6, 2016 10:33 AM
Cookie, did you happen to catch the name of that lecturer?  I'd like to check his credentials before I buy into his explanation.

Carl on April 6, 2016 10:43 AM
Cookie, disregard my previous question.  I contacted the American Queen Steamboat Company and learned that it's a Mr. Clemens.  [First name Samuel, I believe.]  Seems he has a solid reputation and a gift for clear statement.  Mark my word [twice if you'd like], you got it right.
Cookie on April 6, 2016 5:35 PM
I confess.  It was actually Tom Sawyer who told us that stuff after we picked him up in the middle of the river.  His raft broke down. 
Fredrick Lucas on April 6, 2016 6:23 PM
Ched you don't cite sources that pertain to the topic of global warming or anything else. You give your opinion and nothing else.
Fredrick Lucas on April 6, 2016 6:59 PM
Mike, those are complex problems. Tears ago when I was with the Scouts, the state got funds through the Appalachian Regional Commission to send dentists into the schools of Monroe County to take care of tooth problems. One gentleman in Cincinnati thought that perhaps McDowell County could get funds for a trailer staffed with a nurse who could take care of routine health needs and nutritional concerns. In Cincinnati, a veternarian comes to CVS pharmacies with a trailer that is equipped to take care of animal needs. Krogers has Little Clinics staffed by nurses who take care of shots and routine health concerns. Fred

Mike Murphy on April 7, 2016 10:36 AM
Fred - Thanks for all the suggestions, I am sure they will cure all the problems you and the progressives have caused by your rightous war on fossil fuels??
It is hard for a person to be "healthy" without a Job.
Keep the Faith
Ched on April 7, 2016 10:50 AM
I'm a  "Hayseed"??? are all  conservative thinkers  who  disapprove of  all the  free  stuff similar?  I was  raised in the  country and had quite amount of  experience at farming.  I have put up a lot of hay in the barn when I was  younger so i guess your  description of me is  correct. I take it  as  a compliment . . .

Carl on April 7, 2016 4:11 PM
Cease & Desist with:
1. personal attacks
2. name-calling
3. other disparagements
The Blog is now 6+ years old.  In setting it up, I sought to provide a forum for free exchange.  I've refrained from editorial intervention, but will not condone personal attacks and character questioning. 
  I am not claiming PHS60 website ownership, but I've functioned as the de facto custodian [with a laissez faire mentality].  Since I hold "the keys to the kingdom," I'm going to exercise my power by deleting selected recent statements, while continuing to encourage open and lively discussion.  Let's try to treat the blog like a family bulletin board, with the operative element being family.  Thanks for your help.   

Ched on April 8, 2016 10:11 AM
 Thanks. You are  absolutely  correct  !!!  

Carl on April 8, 2016 10:33 AM
Ahhh, glorious Spring is spreading her beauty, charm & enthusiasm everywhere I look.  Well, nearly everywhere.  The one exception turned my mind to the following poem extract -- not one of mine:
Pick out a pleasant outlook,
Stick out that noble chin;
Wipe off that "full of doubt" look,
Slap on a happy grin!
And spread sunshine all over the place,
Just put on a happy face!
Thanks to Charles Strouse for those inspired words.
Mike Murphy on April 8, 2016 12:38 PM
Carl - Thanks for your great work as web Master! Although I must protest somewhat. You have limited my vocabulary and thoughts by at least 70%. What is a crude WV red neck to do?
Pete - How are the new wheels?
Tracy - How is family doing and is Harry doing OK?
Keep the Faith
Carl on April 8, 2016 10:52 PM
Murph, if there's anyone who can function just fine at 30%, it's you.
As a friend of mine likes to say, keep the faith.
Pete Stephenson on April 9, 2016 4:10 PM
Pete.Mike the wheels are doing fine.The ist 48 was hell.but after that seemed to level off with the pain.I had 2 weeks of rehab here in Princeton.I have to say that the rehab is the trick.Going to have about 6 more weeks with Jabo Williams.He and I brought back ole tigers and beavers football and other sports.Jabo went on to graduate Marshall.Dillon I;m sure remembers Jabo.I guess Mike one thing I can say about my wheels,I got them repaired just in time for Corvette season.Little red all polished up and ready to party. Faith Hope And Love to all.God Bless.
Carl on April 9, 2016 4:44 PM
Pete, glad as can be to hear that your knee replacements went so well.  [I still can't imagine having both done at once.]  Take care; stay well; drive safely.
Ched on April 9, 2016 9:33 PM
 So glad  your new knees are  doink so well. Did  the install grease fittings?? LOL.  Several folks I know have opted  for both knees  at  the  same  time and  were  glad  they did>  Only one periond of  "down time" and its over  !!!!
 May God bless  you and Linda !!!
Tom Dillon on April 10, 2016 12:14 PM
Back home in Indiana and it is as cold as (you may fill in the rest). Actually got home last Friday night. Ched, we sailed through Nashville hitting it about 9:30 AM CST. Traffic going south, however, into the city was backed-up for miles and more miles and even more miles.
We have had rain, hail, sleet, and snow since getting home and numerous overnight freezes -- the daffodils and tulips have suffered greatly. Becky, have you and Jim enjoyed your winter? We were ready to go back day one.
Yes Pete, I remember Jabo very well. Is he ever going to retire? We both played the position of fullback. Guess neither one of us have permanent brain damage as a result of concussions. Or do we both?
I think he married a Becky with whom I was very enamored (don't think I ever even said hello to her). We were always jealous of the Bluefield boys who danced with our girls on the Saturday morning show on TV.

Pete stephenson on April 10, 2016 4:09 PM
Pete.Thomas glad to hear that your return trip back to Indiana was an uneventful one.Jabo hasn;t changed much over the years.Not as big as you or I.He reminds me of the long haired hippies of the 80;s.He has a long white pony tail,drooping down over Hiawaiian shirt,cackie pants and red Nike sneakers with no socks.I know you get the picture.You and Miss Kay stay well and stay in touch.Faith,Hope and Love.god Bless.
Ched on April 11, 2016 1:01 PM
 Traffic in and out of downtown during rush hour is bad. ( Into NV in tha AM  and out of NV in the PM. This is  aggrivated by road  construction which attemps  to help it in the long  term.
 I  simply time my  trips as much as possible  as I live in Hendersonville ( just outside  the  city. )
 If  you are ever coming  through pls let me know so we  could  visit a little even if only to meet  for lunch !!!

Becky Novarro on April 12, 2016 10:00 AM
Greetings from sunny Florida.  It has been beautiful with the low humiidity and cool mornings and evenings.  We are still getting re-settled.
Tom, Jim and I haven't been in the cold in over 25 years.  We did, however, enjoy ourselves.  With no leaves on the trees there is a clear view of our glorious mountains.  It is amazing how many houses are buried in the mountains.  Would definitely need a 4 wheeler or a tractor!  The best part of being there was seeing friends and we are blessed with them.  Food still stinks at Ryan's but the classmates are great.
Pete, I have gone to Jabo for several problems and people in town swear by his ability to help them.  I asked his friend why he hadn't retired and he said Jabo would miss the chatting and flirting.  Did he flirt with you? ha.  So glad you are doing well.
Cuz Carl, thanks for keeping the Blog current.  I appreciate it even though I have no stats to prove it.
Mike Murphy on April 12, 2016 2:29 PM
Watched Ray on Starz last eve. It was agreat movie including great music. Aretta who used to play Piano marveled at the notes. She said he had to play with all 10 fingers to accomplish. Seems that good movies are few and far between, I still like those that depict true events or are based on them.
Crazy I saw that Springsteen and others were boycotting NC. Carol - why do you folks want to seperate boys and Girls toilets? I recall using unisex toilets in France as an adult and it didn't bother me that much, but how about youth and teens? I guess Libs want us to be like France. Can't they see what a mess France is in? 
I guess I am going to have to vote for Lyin' Ted or Whining Don to quash some of the PC liberal "stuff".  
Keep the Faith
Carl on April 12, 2016 3:13 PM
Ahhh, "Ray," the movie.  Fabulous performance by Jamie Foxx, certainly deserving of his Oscar.  Guess it's about time for me to see it again.  Tell Aretta that I'll use all two of my eyes . . . and every one of my ears too.
Mike Murphy on April 14, 2016 7:45 PM
Carl- The weather here in graeter downtown Kenna is wounderful, it makes me think that you should have an inspirational Poem?
If this is Global Warming, Keep it coming!
May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind always be at your back and till we meet again may God keep all PHS60ers in the palm of his hand. esp for those that are not feeling so well.
Geno - Is your son doing OK?
Keep the Faith
Carl on April 15, 2016 10:59 AM
Spring abounds alright.  Does climate change explain how the Maryland blue crab population increased by 33% last year, following a 38% increase the year before?
   Mike, your seeming affinity for my bad poetry, while flattering, raises disturbing questions.  Can't you find similar contentment in some old Neil Sedaka songs?
Mike Murphy on April 15, 2016 12:39 PM
sbarC eulB  mehT  evo‚??L. Carl - this is how the blog treats me ie backwards until I correct? Love Them Blue Crabs - Although I like for someone else to get the meat out for me. I get hungry trying to pick out the meat. It takes about a bushell for me and a gallon of beer.
Back in the late 60s the state Directors of the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America (VICA) now the Career something or others, were in DC to write the rules for the skill Olympics and four of us guys ordered 2 bushells of crabs and piled up the shells on two card tables we had in my room to work on. Used a whole spray can of deoderizer. Room smelled like fishey roses. 
The state VICA director (Charles Dygart) from Ohio was a brilliant nut, and we would have lunch at the "Board Room" in DC a strip club and Charles would act like he was a drunk pilot that was going to fly that eve. Back in the good old crazy days!  
another beautiful day here thanks to global warming?
Sadanka is he the caffiene free singer? never much cared for him/her but do like Santana!
Cookie - How about a poem from you?
Keep the faith
Carl on April 15, 2016 4:07 PM
Murph, what a remarkable coincidence.  You may not know this, but one of Neil Sedaka's compositions, which did NOT become a hit, was titled "Fishy Roses."  Sounds a bit like that other music legend Don Ho's "Tiny Bubbles."  [It is known that Ho -- no rapper he -- was a Sedaka fan.]  Seems that Don may have preferred champagne with his crabs.  I don't think that he was from WV.
Carl on April 16, 2016 11:46 AM
Murph, forgive me for that preceding comment.  In re-reading it, I realize there's neither rhyme nor reason to it.
Mike Murphy on April 17, 2016 12:18 PM
Carl- I understood every word?
Carol - State to build new engineering building at Beckley for WV Tech. to open in 2017.
Fred - A solution for Concords budget - Close and move all relevant programs to Bluefield State. I recall that solution in reverse being presented every 2 or 3 years in 60s & 70s. But since BSU offers engineering and Health programs witth Concord offering only liberal arts and business it seems logical to close Concord and offer programs at BSU. Go Blue Devils. Also Bluefield is more culturally diverse and climate aware.
Keep the Faith
Thomas Dillon on April 20, 2016 2:52 PM
Murph I cannot accept your idea regarding Concord. You may not know or remember this, but Mike Farley and I held the offices of Vice President and President, respectively, of the freshman class at Concord for the 1960-1961 school year. At our demise, our papers and other important documents will reside in perpetuity at the Athens campus so that future generations may learn of our accomplishments and significant contributions to mankind.


Carl on April 20, 2016 5:06 PM
Sittin' & listenin' when on comes one of my very favorite singers, Bill Withers, performing "Just the Two of Us."  I remember learning with great surprise and pride some 40 years ago that Bill is from WV.  Never bothered to locate his hometown 'til today: Slab Fork, 11 miles north of Mullens.  Heck, he's nearly a homey to us.
   Tracy, you have any Withers's in your congregation?
Mike Murphy on April 21, 2016 10:28 AM
Tom - At the very least we should have a Grand Father Clause to preserve the nobility of those who studied in the Pines In The Pines Where The Sun Never Shines.
Has anyone heard from Mike Farley? Mike we miss you on the Blog!
My first wife went to Concord 61-65 and while dating I would pick her up on Friday eve and drop her back at the boarding house where she worked on Sun eve. Tuddy and Muldoon caught me speeding and I had to appear to plead guilty and pay the fine at the old fire house. Half of Concord was there, I think they paid for the police with traffic fines? I heard that Tuddy was later fired because he stopped a lady, and in the insuing arguement he shot through her tire. Any one know the rest of the story?

Tracy French on April 21, 2016 3:58 PM

I don't have any Withers in the congregation but there have been a lot of people from Slab Fork who attend the church.

Governor Caperton was from Slab Fork.  His father owned Slab Fork Coal Co.

Tom:  Some of us will never forget!

Murph:  Family is doing well.  Carol is scheduled for surgery May 15th to have the tendon cut in her right leg so her so the heel of her foot will come to the floor.  After she recovers I will have surgery on my left elbow to remove a foreigh object that is caught between the bones and won't let my elbow straighten out.  Grandaughter will see her doctor in Morgantown next month to see if she needs more surgery.
Carl on April 21, 2016 9:26 PM
May not have said enough about Bill Withers for non-fans.  Other hits include "Lean On Me," "Ain't No Sunshine [when she's gone]," "Grandma's Hands" and "Use Me Up."  Withers is a member of the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame.  Stand proud, West Virginia.

Ched on April 22, 2016 10:35 AM
  Prayers  for you and  your family for upcoming  surgeries.

 I see  the Lonnie Mack passsed  away here in Nashville yesterday. Lonnie  was a notable rock/ blues/country rock guitarist of  the 60s and  was influential with a  distinstive  style. Hie most  famous  single  was  an instrumental version of  Chuck Berry's  "Memphis".
 As Murf would  say, "keep  the  faith"  
Mike Murphy on April 22, 2016 8:31 PM
Prince must have been a great musician and performer according to tv reports. I was never a fan of his music/performances, but was impressed that he invited strangers in his home town to dance parties at his residence/studio for $10.00.
Carl- I recall Bill Withers being interviewed. He seemed to be a kind caring humble briliant musician. He was married to a beautiful gal who was on a sitcom, which I cant remember the name of but the mayor was always sayin handle it, handle it? Anyone remember the sitcom name?
Tracy - is Slab Fork in Raliegh county?
Is Billy Ed Wheeler (Whitesville WV) still alive and performing? The reverend mister black, Coal Tatoo, (which many of the old miners who shot coal at the face of the mine got) parden the composition and he wrote Sarah Smile one of my favorites. He used to perform at the Mountain State Art and Craft fair before he became famous.
Happy Passover
Cookie on April 22, 2016 8:55 PM
If you enjoy the old fashioned Bluegrass music heavy in the Scot-Irish nasal twang you will fall in love with Marteka N William Lake.
I ran across them on the internet and recently bought my first two CDs--danced all over the house for a couple of days.  They are two teenagers from Hocker Valley, West Virginia who were taught by their father.  She plays a mean banjo and her brother plays the guitar with her dad on bass.  They will be at the Bluegrass festival in Summersville, WV June 23.  Check them out on Youtube or Facebook.  Their "Cripple Creek" is awesome.  

Ched on April 23, 2016 11:23 AM
 According  to Wikipedia Billy Ed  Wheeler is  still"vertical" but retired.
  His list of  accompliscments  are many ! Look him up 

 Cookie, I looked  at  som Youtube videos of Mariteka N William Lake.... amazing  talants !  We  are big Bluegrass  fans here  !!

Mike Murphy on April 25, 2016 9:15 AM
I like Bluegrass as long as they don't try to sing.
Geno - You OK?
Keep the faith
Carl on April 25, 2016 11:27 AM
Come on Murph.  You don't love that high, lonesome sound?
You don't like the Soggy Bottom Boys' rendition of "Man of Constant Sorrow" in "O Brother, Where Art Thou"?  Dangit, that would suggest that you weren't raised by wolves [not that I ever thought you were].   ;-)
Mike Murphy on April 25, 2016 12:22 PM
You've got to walk that lonsome valley, you've got to walk it by your self, nobody else can walk it for you, you've got to walk it by your self!  The Reverend Mr. Black - dedicated to Tracy!
Keep the Faith

Carl on April 29, 2016 11:26 AM
BIRTHDAYS, like shrimp boats, is a'COMIN'!!!
PHS60 May babies include:

Gene Fields - May 1
Wayne Alvis - May 7
Doug Neal - May 18
Alice Sue Worrell White - May 25
Sonja Saunders White - May 31

May each have a wonderful day.
Fredrick Lucas on April 29, 2016 7:45 PM
I would like to wish each classmate a happy birthday. On Sunday, Cincinnati will have the Flying Pig Marathon which attracts visitors and participants from throughout the world. Last year 37000 came to the marathon. Why the Flying Pig? At one time there were a number of slaughter houses in the city.

On Sunday afternoon, the Yom HaShoah Commemoration, the Day of Holocaust Rememberance will take place. When I was touring Germany I saw the Concentration Camp at Buckenwald. As I sit here, I remember the horrible conditions there. Sadly some people still want to kill and hurt others. Fred Lucas
CHed on April 30, 2016 9:26 AM
Happy Birthday  to all. and many many more !!!!-
Mike Murphy on May 1, 2016 8:56 AM
Vince Gill has a new album dedicated to George Jones titled "Down to My Last Sin" Kind of reminds me of being 73. Even my drinking has to be curtailed with diabetis. So it is down to my last half?
The difference between a Catholic and a Methodist, is a Catholic will say hello to you in the liquor store!
He stopped loving her today
Happy Birthday all
Fredrick Lucas on May 2, 2016 4:35 PM
This year, 40000 people participared in the Flying Pig Marathon.Twenty thousand runners actually did the 26 mile run. The male winner did the run in 2 hours and 26 minutes. He was from California. The female winner was from Anderson Township. This was her first race. She ran faster than her track coach. She completed the race in 2 hours and 53 minutes.

The times were slower than those of Boston, New York and Chicago. Why? Cincinnati has hills.Each person who participated received a shirt as part of the entry fee. The rest went to their favorite charity. The Cincinnati race is now the thirteenth largest in the nation.

Fred Lucas
Fredrick Lucas on May 2, 2016 10:03 PM
According to the CincinnatiBusiness Courier participants came from all 50 states and eighteen foreign countries.This event put money into the local economy.

Next year the event will be from May 5-7. Hope that some of your relatives will participate. Fred
Fredrick Lucas on May 4, 2016 9:19 AM
I was incorrectwhen I said that twenty thousand people ran the 26 mile Flying Pig Marathon. The actual number was 4772. Proctor and Gamble sponsored the event. For those who study Civil War history, Proctor and Gamble had a contract with the Union Army to supply soap products.

Ched, I want to revise my statement. You don't supply any data to support your views and you critique the data that I supply concerning topics about which I have written. Thus you aren't the sharpest tool in the shed. Fred
Mike Murphy on May 4, 2016 10:13 AM
Hillary was lucky she got out of Mingo County alive. She said she was misquoted or taken out of context when confronted by an out of work miner with three kids. I hope she, Barack,the Sierra Club and Climate Change facists are happy. They have ruined the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and the economy of appalacha including WV.
Hopefully Trump can forge a new movement that focuses on the well being of people instead of the body politics. A good house cleaning is in order and for those who are offended, sometimes you have to hold your nose until the stench goes away.
Fred - speaking of tools, have you ever heard of common sense?  I would take Cheds advise and comments over yours any day.
Keep the Faith
Ched on May 4, 2016 11:15 AM
Thanks Mike  for  the vote of  confidence.
Figures  generally dont lie but  the problem is  that liars  figure .So common sense and wisdom from lifelong  experiences rule !
 Hillary had her "Joe  the Plumber" moment in Mingo Co. only this  time it  was Joe  the miner"!!! Her lame response  was pitiful.
Cookie on May 4, 2016 2:20 PM
Mingo County Rocks!!! She looked like a fool and her husband looked well................pitiful.  Someone should tell them the 60s have left the building.  

I heard a great quote the other day:  "If jellyfish can survive for 650 billion years with no brain there is hope for some of us."

Someone isn't following the blog rules and needs to be "taken to the shed."  Shame on you!  I'll take my "gutter words" any day over insults. 
Ched on May 5, 2016 5:49 PM
 No insults  from me. Only best  wishes and  thanks  to all !!
  I agree  with  you on HRC  and Bill looks  absolutely gaunt  standing  atound  with his mouth wide open !!!
Cookie on May 5, 2016 8:58 PM
Can you believe this stuff!    Just finished a book that every one should read before the November election..."Clinton Cash."  Well footnoted and documented.....lays it all out there.  Then you will know how important the 
"e-mails" are and why the stalling.  Best wishes to you and yours in Henderson.  Was there once....have a cousin there and its a beautiful place.  
Ched on May 6, 2016 10:19 AM
  Who is  your  cousin in Hendersonville  TN? Where  doe he/she live ? Maybe  we know her/him?
Mike Murphy on May 6, 2016 12:37 PM
Time for all to get on the Trump Train. If Republican Party keeps acting like a brat. it is time for the 4th party?
Keep the Faith
Cookie on May 6, 2016 1:03 PM
Bob Dickerson.  He is an account rep for Sunbelt.  He is originally from Blacksburg.  His dad ran Dickerson Jewelry across from the VPI campus next to the theater.  
Ched on May 6, 2016 5:30 PM
   Would  this be  Robert W   Dickerson ???
Cookie on May 6, 2016 10:48 PM
Yes it would.  Do you know him?  Tall  guy about 6-4 with a nice Virginia accent. His mom and my mom were sisters.

Carl on May 8, 2016 10:30 AM
Yo, all o' y'all.  Back home from a week out of town and out of touch.  Very disappointed to learn that one of my alma maters, Va Tech, disinvited black, conservative speaker Jason Reilly.  Silly me, thinking that intellectual honesty was better protected there.
Cookie on May 8, 2016 12:36 PM
Jason Reilly was on WMAL Radio Friday discussing his "dis-invite."  Interesting. 
Fredrick Lucas on May 8, 2016 6:34 PM
I know that you would take Ched's advice . But when you would back Donald Trump, I would think that you are a dim bulb. Fred
Carl on May 8, 2016 8:51 PM
Fred, your (1) "you aren't the sharpest tool in the shed" and (2) "dim bulb" comments are COMPLETELY out of line.  If you don't immediately and henceforth eliminate the personal pejorative attacks, I'll remove all future comments from you from the Blog.  Please show some dignity and respect for opposing views.
Ched on May 9, 2016 8:29 PM
 Thanks.  Perhaps Fred  failed  to see  your earlier  comment  about civility on the blog !!
Mike Murphy on May 11, 2016 9:59 AM
Time for a cleansing, Get on the Trump Train!
You've got to walk that lonsome valley
Keep the Faith
Ched on May 11, 2016 11:56 AM
I think  the libs have under estimated  the whole Trump "movement".  Mike Huckabee had  the  same  comment last night on Hannity.  The  folks  are completely worn out  with the Washington establisment. Time  to clean things up>  I hope  Trump  can pare down the  size of  all the burecratic agencies  and put some  efficiency in  the govt.
Carl on May 11, 2016 5:16 PM
I believe it was the venerable old linguist George W. [Dubya] Bush who coined the term "misunderestimated."  I've liked the word ever since.
Mike Murphy on May 12, 2016 9:35 AM
Looks like we have two good candidates for Governor in WV?
Geno- are you OK?
Keep the Faith
Fredrick Lucas on May 13, 2016 4:31 AM
Carl I don't really plan to make any further comments Fred
Fredrick Lucas on May 13, 2016 3:27 PM

There is a physical therapist in the hospital next to the healthplex where I work out. She has had cancer amd a double masectomy. She is bright and fun loving. In the banter that takes place between siblings, her brother told her that she isn't the sharpest tool in the shed and she laughed.

Ched I attended the luncheon of the Hamilton County Retired Teachers Association. There was total opposition to Trump. He abused and belittled his opponents. Senator Rubio was called little Marco, Jeb Bush wants his mother. Ted was lying Ted whose father was allied with the man who killed President Kennedy. 

The teachers tried to teach children to be respectful and kind to others. What kind of example did Trump provide for the children? A number of parents refused to let their children watch the Republican debates.

There are also a number of people from the Islamic community and the Latino groups who plan to vote agaunst Trump.

Trump's election isn't a certainty. Fred
Cookie on May 13, 2016 4:18 PM
Jesus Fredo:
Will you make up your mind.
You are confusing me and I AM the sharpest tool in the shed.  
Mike Murphy on May 13, 2016 4:25 PM
George Stephenoplis - Trump slapped him good for his support of the Clinton Foundation and Hillary this AM on good morning America.
Time to get on the Trump Train!
Keep the Faith

Tracy French on May 15, 2016 8:42 PM
Mike:  I got on the Trump Express when it pulled out of the station.  I'm praying it don't have the same fate as the famous Southern "Ol 97".

We could end up with a billionaire in the White House and a billionaire in the WV mansion.  
Fredrick Lucas on May 17, 2016 4:31 PM
I had fun last Sunday the 15th. I sing tenor 1 with the Kolping Sanger Chor. This is a group of men and women who sing German songs. The concert was well attended. Over the years, I have studied German at the Tri State German School and voice lessons at the Musical Arts School. I have sung auf Deutsch in our symphony choir, the May Festival Chorus and the Sanger Chor. Septrember 29th the chor has a date to sing in Pittsburgh. Our West Virginia fans will see the choir in Wheeling. Fred

Carl on May 17, 2016 4:34 PM
I saw the light; I saw the light.
No more darkness, no more night.

Just home from a cataract removal about 3 hours ago.
The world looks brighter already.  Life is good in paradise.
Fredrick Lucas on May 18, 2016 9:04 AM
Carl, I am happy that you had cataract surgery. I'm happy that you can see clearly. I was thinking of the song, " I can see clearly now the rain has gone. "

My eye physician told me that everyone gets cataracts. I'm not ready for surgery.My time will come.Fred
Carl on May 18, 2016 12:33 PM
Thanks Fred.  I've always liked "I Can See Clearly Now," especially the Kolping Sanger Chor's rendition, and, of course, their rendering of "Cracklin' Rosie."
Ched on May 21, 2016 10:47 PM
I had cataract surgery about 18 months ago. Colors are more vivid and eyes are extremely light sensitive originally requiring very dark sunglasses for driving. This  moderates some over time though.
Darla Pitzer on May 22, 2016 6:42 PM
Thinking of Carl today. We went to a very nice Memorial Service for his brother Jim this afternoon. We talked to Carl and he is doing will. Keep Carl and the family in your prayers!!
Mike Murphy on May 22, 2016 7:20 PM
Carl - So sorry for your loss.
Keep the faith
Fredrick Lucas on May 23, 2016 8:36 AM
Ca..rl please accept my condolences on the death of your brother Jim. I'm sure that you have many fond memories .

Cookie Peg Tolley died . His obituary is listed on the Seaver web page. He was born in 1920 and worked at Leggets for 49 years.Your stories about wotking at Leggets  brought about a hardy laugh. Fred
geno on May 23, 2016 1:40 PM
Carl, sorry for your loss.
Tom Dillon on May 24, 2016 7:16 AM
Carl, thinking of you and your family. Prayers going up from Indiana.

Kay & Tom
Pete Stephenson on May 24, 2016 9:56 AM
Pete here.Carl,sorry for the loss of Jim.Our prayers go out to you and the family.
Ched on May 24, 2016 1:13 PM
 My most  sincere  condolences o the loss of  your  brother !
Cookie on May 24, 2016 8:59 PM
We graduated 56 years ago this week.  That's gettin' a little scary. 
Carl on May 24, 2016 9:07 PM
Yeah, I believe that's the point at which I set out to become educated beyond my intelligence.  Don't mean to brag, but I think I succeeded spectacularly.
CMT: student of 1) Bluefield College, 2) West Virginia Tech, 3) Concord College, 4) Frederick CC, 5) Western MD College, 6) Keene State College, 7) Nashville State Tech. Inst., 8) Appalachian State Univ, & 9) Va. Tech.    Whew!
Cookie on May 24, 2016 11:47 PM
Holy Cow Carl!  But did they teach you how to fix a leaking toilet?
Come on!  I know you have a good one coming!
Carl on May 25, 2016 10:10 AM
Cookie, the little practical knowledge that I possess [e.g., toilet repair, parging], I picked up on my own.  I don't think that practical experience and the School of Hard Knocks can educate one beyond his intelligence; only academe can soar to such heights.
Fredrick Lucas on May 25, 2016 11:00 AM
Since Carl has listed the schools that he has attended, I will list mine:Concord, West Virginia University, University of Cincinnati, Wilmington College, Tri State German School, Musical Arts Center.

I receive the basics of a subject from the academies but I go in depth by book learnin and getting involvred with others. I recently sang in German and I get together wirh members of the Alliance Francaise to speak French. I go to this blog to share ideas about current events. For example Mike the endowment at Concord  is $21,798,186 reported by US News. The enrollment is about 2650.  Fred Lucas

Carl on May 25, 2016 12:45 PM
Daggone Fredo.  How'd you attend that many schools and not get educated beyond your intelligence?
Darla on May 25, 2016 4:25 PM
Thanks Carl....I now know what parging is because I looked it up!!!! 
Mike Murphy on May 25, 2016 5:18 PM
Wow Fred, if they included the $21M endowment in the transfer from Concord to Bluefield State it would go a long way to retraining the coal miners that BHO and Sierra have put out of work.
Tom - maybe Concord could keep $50,000 for records retention and put Hillary in charge!
Carl- remember the quote " A society who praises philosophers because it is a noble profession and looks down on plumbers because it is a lowly profession will have both philosophy and pipes that will not hold water"  I used to know who to attribute this quote too but like a lot of my trivia it has become trite!  Parge to the ground line!
Keep the faith
Cookie on May 25, 2016 6:09 PM
Here is another one for you Mike.  Read this the other day and thought WOW.
"An unarmed American is a subject.  An armed American is a citizen."
Cookie on May 25, 2016 6:06 PM
Me too Darla and it was a good thing.  I thought Carl had developed an eating disorder.
Cookie on May 25, 2016 6:12 PM
I've been meaning to tell you VPI boys about a cute book I'm reading.  "Carrying Albert Home" by Home Hickam.  Its the tale of his mom Elsie, dad Homer senior, an alligator and a rooster on a road trip to Florida.  Homer's imagionation got the better of him on this one and it is clever, funny and down right outrageous.
Mike Murphy on May 25, 2016 8:03 PM
I met Homer 1999 at a WV technology conference, he was a big supporter of Gov Underwood also met Huckabee there.

Bye the way parging is pretty much obselete for sealing concrete block walls from ground water. A water soluble latex paint that can be rolled on block walls with a shaggy roller does a much better and way easier job for sealing.
Keep the faith and hop on the Trump Train!
Fredrick Lucas on May 25, 2016 9:32 PM
I met Homer Hickam at a book signing at the Joseph Beth Bookstore in Cincinnati. I read the book Rocket Boys and saw the movie.His brother went to WVU and my brother went to Virginia Tech. He did a good job with that book.  Fred
Ched on May 26, 2016 10:27 AM
Homer Hickam was in my  class at  Va  Tech but  I do not remember him from then.  I  have read his book "Rocket Boys  and  saw  the movie also.
 Thse  were also the  days before  the  war on coal !!
 I don't  think I've  ever "parged".
Carl on May 26, 2016 10:45 AM
Murf, it's lookin' like you 'n me may be the only pargers in PHS60.
Fredrick Lucas on May 26, 2016 6:53 PM
Next September, I plan to take a vacation to Lancaster Pennsylvania. There is a large Amish community in that county. I look forward to the visit.

Mike Marshall University has an endowment of $107,724,735. Fred
Fredrick Lucas on May 26, 2016 9:40 PM
Mike, I thought that you might enjoy a few more endowment facts. The University of Concinnati founded in 1819 has an endowment of $1.2 billion. West Virginia University $565 000,000/ Virginia Tech $817,000,000  Fred

Carl on May 27, 2016 7:49 AM
J. Fred, all this talk of endowments?  Have you been watching re-runs of the Trump-Rubio debates?

Ched on May 27, 2016 1:38 PM
I have a great  appreciation and  admiration for all of the brave and unselfish military  especially those  who made the ultimate  sacrifice. I also thank all those  who have  and  continue  to serve in our armed  forces.

 Happy Memorial Day !!!
Fredrick Lucas on May 27, 2016 6:32 PM
Carl, I want to express admiration to alumni and businesses who contribute to endowment funds that help prepare students for a profession.

I want to remember all of the veterans who have served our country from the beginning until the present day. Fred
Mike Murphy on May 27, 2016 7:20 PM
Happy Memorial Day
Get on the Trump Train

Carl on May 28, 2016 8:26 AM
BIRTHDAY ALERT!!!  June has 5 (that I know of):
Sarah Evans Allen - June 3
Edward Laufer - June 4
Kay Hendrick Gammon - June 14
Tom Dillon - June 21
Aloma Rose Ashworth - June 25
Happy Birthdays you fine folk.

Fredrick Lucas on May 28, 2016 3:11 PM
Mike, when Trump opposed Governor Kasich in Ohio, he carried the cou  Appalachian counties that border West Virginia and Kentucky. He didn't carry any of the major metropolitan areas in the state. Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Toledo , Akron and Cleveland.

There is quite a divide between the rural, and small towns and the major metropolitan areas of our country.

Trump said that Governor Romney walks like a penguin. That is childish. Trump sells men's dress shirts. For awhile, they were made in China but now they are made in Bangeledesh where the wages are cheap and the working conditions are wretched. The shirts retail for $16.95 according to CNN. 

The Koch Brothers aren't backing Trump neither is Governor Romney, or the Bush family. Why do you believe that the rest of us should back Trump?
Mike Murphy on May 28, 2016 6:59 PM
Fred et al - We need a drastic change in politics in the USA. The economy,military,vetrans affairs, immigration and bloated welfare are just a few things that progressives have run into the ground including telling me which bathroom I should use.
Trump won every county in WV and 25% of those who voted for Saunders said they would vote for Trump. Come to southern WV and see the devistation. Charleston WV Ppopulation just fell below 50,000. And the state still does not have a budget, unlike USA we can't print of borrow more money.
Frankly Fred I would be worried if people who believe like you were supporting Trump!
Tracy - Can I have an Amen? By the way have you watched the new series The Preacher, I think it is hillarious and probably you will consider it blastfemous but it fits my warped sense of humor. Someone said to Brother Dave Garner you should be a preacher you could make a million and he replied but brother what would a preacher do with a million?
Every One on the Trump cleansing train!
Fredrick Lucas on May 28, 2016 10:14 PM
Mike, the Appalachian region of Ohio like Jackson County has lost jobs and has a higher rate of unemployment than the major metropolitan areas. Drug and alcohol problems pervade the area.

According to you tube, West Virginia lost 70,000 mining jobs between 1970 and 1990.I left Princeton for Cincinnati in 1970 because job opportunities were very limited. Several years ago Sleep Lively told me that a man with a family shouldn't come to Mercer County. If one was retired, he can live comfortably in Mercer County.

I have seen several stories on you tube about conditions in McDowell County and Pocahantas Virginia. One of the men I know in Cincinnati grew up in Pocahantas. I would  q uestion a man like Trump who has no experience in government  and is his own adviser. The fact that he has made fun of members of the Republican Party such as the war hero Senator John McCain certainly gives me pause along with the other wierd statements that he has made about other Republican stalwarts. He publically reprimanded the Republican governor of New Mexico. Fred
Mike Murphy on May 29, 2016 9:57 AM
We have to get over the petty thoughts and slights that were meant to be comical irony and realize that more of the same and in fact doubling down with Hillary and Bernie will only make things worse not better.
Many of WVs problems were made by do gooders like the Sierra Club and especially BHO!
Trump will give DC a good cleansing of spend thrift Democrats and Republicans as well as Socialists!
Get on the Trump Train!
Fredrick Lucas on May 29, 2016 2:47 PM
Mike the West Virginia legislature has until July 1 to make a decision about the budget.

The depression in Mingo, McDowell and Pocahantas Virginia happened many years prior to the Obama presidency. The Russian Orthodox Church closed in Elkhorn and reopened in Bluefield many years prior to the Obama presidency. The brothel in Keystone closed many years prior to the Obama presidency. 

State Senator John Fanning discusses his perspective on the economic problems in McDowell County. See you tube. A crew from the Australian Television network has an interesting perspective  about McDowell County on you tube.

Mike you adore Republicans but you must not forget what Don Blankenship did at the upper Big Branch mine. The negligance of company officials cost 29 miners their lives. Fred
Fredrick Lucas on May 29, 2016 4:03 PM
Mike, you live in a rural depressed state The Cincinnati metro population is 2.1 million people which is more than the entire state of West Virginia. Expenditures by various governmental agencies are higher than those of the hamlet called Kenna. There are expenditures for infrastructure, police and fire protection, parks and recreation, Miami University and the University of Cincinnati , Greater Cincinnati International Airport, various public school districts, the Cincinnati Zoo, the Internal Revenue processing office and the USPS. The post office

Right now I-75 and I -71 are being upgraded. Last year, I-275 was upgraded and repaved. What in this and other metro areas do you want to cut?
Cookie on May 29, 2016 7:27 PM
The Election:
Seems as though career politicians have certainly gotten us into a "pickle" wouldn't you say.  Maybe we should give a successful businessman who has actually created something, met a payroll and frankly isn't afraid to "stand up" a chance.  
Google Mrs. Sanders--the previous college president who is under investigation for padding a federal grant application claiming her Vermont college could meet the required match by several million dollars when in fact the college only had around $250,000 in endowments.  If you think Bern is the guy for the job--vote for him.  However, look no further than Venezuela for a future America--no food, no medicine, no electricity.  They can't even produce toilet paper.  But then if you can't eat I suppose that is the least of your worries.
On the other hand if you feel its ok to give away classified information and participate in the greatest "pay for play" scheme in the history of our country--and you are the most abused wife on the planet while "screaming" women's issues with every breath (kind of makes her a fraud wouldn't you say) then vote for Hil.  I won't even get into her deceit--there isn't enough room.  Just go to the library and check out "Clinton Cash."  Its a bore but worth the bore.  

I used to anxiously await every Sunday night so I could get my "fix"--an hour with The Sopranoes.  As despicable as Tony was--murderer, cheater, criminal--millions of women loved him--me included.  I just loved Tony!!! When he died in Italy I cried.  Why you ask?  Because I knew if it was broken Tony would fix it.  I knew if the bad guys were on the way Tony was going to protect me.  And I knew Tony was a man's man who wasn't afraid to enter the ring and do whatever it took to win.  He would swagger into the room and suck out all the oxygen.  I knew a man's man like that once upon a time.  He flew the flag in the backyard.
I'm beginning to think "The Don" just may be our new "Don."  

Tony may not be dead afterall.  
Fredrick Lucas on May 29, 2016 8:12 PM
Recently, I learned that some of the Christian clergy are worth millions.Billy Graham is worth $10 million. Benny Henn is worth$ 42 million, Jimmy Swaggert is worth $2 million Jessie Jackson is worth $12 million. This information was on thr Yahoo web page. Fred

Cookie on May 29, 2016 11:04 PM
I "caught" that Cincinnati.
Fredrick Lucas on May 30, 2016 7:54 AM

Many people like yourself went to places like Kenna to get away from large urban areas. I don't think that you will have any difficulty using a public toilet. 

The Republican governor of North Carolina has told the public in his state that they must use the toilet that is designated for their gender at birth. If you are a male at birth you must use the the restroom designated  for men. A man who has had gender resaaignment surgery cannot use the restroom designated for females in North Carolina. Fred 

Mike Murphy on May 30, 2016 12:36 PM
Fred - don't presume to know who I adore and why I live in a "Hamlet" and that I want to take away from Cincinatti to pay for the carnage caused by BHO and the Sierra Club and other progressives to our wounderful state. Why do you feel like you have to disparage West Virginia and rural people?
As far as bathrooms I believe you should use the one that corresponds to your hardware and that according to BHO and the Dept of Ed. you use the one you believe represents what you think you are. Can you imagine the PHS girls shower being invaded by some boys that "identify themselves as female that day?
Keep the faith
Ched on May 30, 2016 4:22 PM
Why is it  that after several hundred  years do we find it necessary to edict  from Washington where and how  to  go to the toilet or  shower.  I agree  with Mike. You should  go  to the one  which matches your "plumbing". This business of going  to where  your current " identity"  takes  you is  asking  for  trouble just  wait  and  see on this !!
"Stay tuned"

I agree with Cookie's "rant". 
 Maybe  the  earthquake which Donald  Trump will make in Washington is  just  what  the  country needs.
Cookie on May 30, 2016 5:13 PM
Ched:  That was not a rant.  In keeping with the terms of the blog, you will note I harnessed my descriptors.
However, in terms of bathrooms........I was in a fairly large football stadium on Saturday--seats 25,000.  The line for the "ladies" room *(well I guess it was the ladies room-the sign had a skirt on) ran all the way around the building.  I looked out and saw a large shade tree and thought to myself...its a shame that today I don't feel like I'm a yellow lab---problem solved.  
Fredrick Lucas on May 30, 2016 5:22 PM
Recent;y, I used the restroom at our local hospital. It was available to everyone. I first knocked on the door and no one responded. So I entered and deficated. Then I left. Across the hall there was a restroom for those who had infants and had to have their diapers changed. No problems.

Several years ago, I was in Quebec City. Their restroom was similar to the one at the Cincinnati hospital. The Republicans in North Carolina want to continue to regulate personal conduct.

Mike living in Cincinnati, I have many more agencies to consider than you in Kenna. Will I have to stand in line for hours  before I can  be screeded at the Greater Cincinnati Internatiional Airport for example. There isn't an international airpoet in Kenna. Fred
Ched on May 30, 2016 8:14 PM
NC is not  trying  to regulate personal conduct.  Obama is !!!!  NC is  trying  to hold on to standards of  decency which have been around for eons !!

Cookie, Sorry for  your  experience  at  the  stadium. With men the "yellow Lab scenario  works wonders.
Cookie on May 30, 2016 8:41 PM
Well folks-I have a terrific "pun" for this thread but I'm afraid I'd be blocked from the blog.

Mike Murphy on May 30, 2016 8:58 PM
Sorry Fred I didn't realize your great importance as the Mayor of Cincinatti! Get a life
Thanks to all you Vets for keeping us safe  - Now if you could just save us from the progressives!
Happy Birthday
Fredrick Lucas on May 31, 2016 9:57 AM
When I went to the you tube I listened to Senator John Fanning discuss McDowell County. He explained that when the mines closed, young men and women left. Now there are few young people left who can start and sustain businesses.When there 100000 people in McDowell County there were 13 auto dealerships. Now there are none. Mr. Fanning owns a funeral home. His business is still good. The older folks are passing away.

Recently, I met a woman who works at the CVS pharmacy. Her family lived in Beckley. Her dad was a coal miner. The family came to Cincinnati to escape problems in the coal mines.

Ched, lest we forget, the State of NorthCarolina sanctioned slavery and mandated racial segregation in colleges and schools. 

There are several areas in West Virginia that prosper. Martainsburg and the eastern panhandle, Morgantown to name a few. Fred

Cookie on May 31, 2016 11:16 AM
It appears you still fail to understand the policies of your party, in great part, that created the McDowell County you continually attack as well as other regions of MY great state.  

Since we are on the topic of communities and their various attributes let me share a story with you regarding my trip to Cincinnati.  When I traveled the Ohio aboard the American Queen the trip began in your city and terminated in Pittsburg.  We traveled to Cincinnati and spent the first night in a very nice hotel near the ship.  We were informed by our travel agent that it would be ok to spend some time in the park nearby but should be inside the hotel well before dark.  We did so but soon decided it was best to return to the hotel in early afternoon.  The streets were packed with wild, loud, boisterous and obnixous people drinkiing, snoking dope and jiving to the overwhelming noise of the on-stage rap music.  I am sure there are lovely places in Cincinnati but this was not a pleasant experience.  I also attended a conference in the heart of the city many years ago and was given the same warning from the conference planners.  
I know you enjoy "poking the bear" but "gosh darn" sometimes your disparging remarks about MY STATE are most unpleasant.

Well, at least I am happy everything came out ok for you during your visit to the hospital as you mentioned in your post above.  
Tom Dillon on May 31, 2016 2:37 PM
Fred, too much information. I don't think anyone wishes to know whether you did number 1 or number 2 . If the latter, particularly if you couldn't wait until you got home, you were probably parging -- Imodium works well for that problem.
Ched on May 31, 2016 2:48 PM
Fred, I don't  think anyone condones  slavery ( abolished approx  150 years  ago) nor racial segregation  (abolished  decades  ago) It is  true  that NC supported bothe at one  time  as did all southern states. That simply is not  the  same  comparison as having  "men" going into the ladies  rest  rooms.  I personally  respect our wives  and  daughters to much to have  them subjected  to possible  lewd pervision !!!
pete Stephenson on May 31, 2016 5:49 PM
<span style="&quot;font-family:comic" sans="" ms,cursive;"="">I know that the gender contrivesay is a big thing,looks like it is going to stay on party lines.As for my opinion I think the girls should pack heat.And when they are approached just let the nut see the heal of the gun.I am the NRA and proud of this orginization.Remember one thing all,The NRA collectively is the largest Army in the world.Think about for Cincy,it was one of the hardest cities in the USA to do trucking business.Hard to get around.The worst was Pittsburg.Nuff said.What ya think Mike?Faith,Hope,@love.
PS Slavery was started by the blac ks not the whites.i think blacks should take responsibility for their actions.
Fredrick Lucas on May 31, 2016 7:41 PM
There will be a chili cook off in Wheeling along the riverfront yhis weekend for those who enjoy chili.

Cookie, the coal companies closed mines in the Appalachian region many years ago and moved their operations to Wyoming where is has been cheaper to mine coal.

A problem in West Virginia has been the use of alcohol, tobacco, and pain killers such as oxycontin. Often when people have no purpose in life they will resort to addictive substances. See the book Man's Search For Meaning by Victor Frankel.

The Cincinnati Zoo had a problem when a four year old boy went through a fence and fell into a gorilla enclosure. People in the crowd were screaming which confused the gori lla who drug the boy through the water. The decision was made to kill the gorilla. Jack Hannah of the Columbus Zoo agreed that the zoo made the right decision. When I watch children at day care centers, I notice that they all hold hands and follow the adult. Sadly this mom didn't do that.


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